Amazing Battles #17 – My little kitten again!

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Dear Splinter Fans, I would like to talk about other subjects, but my energy is almost always directed towards the battles of this fascinating game.


This drawing was done by @seuamiguto, my 11-year-old niece, for the Splinterlands Art Contest!

Today I want to show my new summoner again, this time in a battle with only melee attack monsters.

Here we can see how some characteristics of the cat can be efficient.

Click on the image to watch:

In battles like this, fast monsters are very important, but in general, tanks with healing ability tend to be much slower. We also have no melee attack monsters that Heal Tank or with Triage.

This is where the healing of the cat comes in. With it, we can use a fast tank and still have Heal. Add the speed + 2 that the cat gives and the ability to always hit the enemy, and this is wonderful.

Here my opponent used the legendary dragon summoner Camila Sungazer which reduces the damage on all my cards, but even so, my advantages with the Byzantine Kitty are much greater.

Without Byzantine Kitty you need a lot of speed to hit the enemy, however, no matter how much speed you have on your cards, they will always be hit by the team that uses the cat.

In this battle against an extremely talented player, who chose cards perfectly, I do not doubt that I was only able to win thanks to my summoner.


See that at this moment my first monster came to have only 1 life, but he can still survive.

If someone can count how many times my enemy's cards missed the target, please tell me, because I lost count.

My Serpentine Soldier tank was also only able to survive because of the healing applied by the kitten.

It was an exciting and amazing battle!


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Images: @splinterlands