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In this battle with the Naga Warrior, she did not survive long, being quickly eliminated by speed and heavy enemy magic.

But my Ruler of the Seas saved the day and was the real hero of this dispute.

Click on the image to watch the fight:

An amazing ending! For a moment I thought I couldn't escape.

On many occasions I have managed to win using a rare summoner against a legendary, but not without first walking on the edge of the abyss and passing very close to the razor's edge.

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Images: PixBay & @splinterlands



He was taking a big risk using a legendary summoner on a 22 mana battle

@ctrpch, Yeah! I don’t think it’s a mistake, but for 22 mana less, I always analyze if it’s not possible to use a summoner that uses less mana and win!

@tipu curate nice work

Thanks a lot