How much $ can I earn by playing Splinterlands?

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Welcome again dear lovers of the best Crypto game of all time: Splinterlands!

Many new players as soon as they enter the Discord room always ask me this question:

How much can I earn by playing Splinterlands? Or how much money can I make in 1 month of playing?


It was difficult for me to answer, as there is no simple and complete answer, and I do not know, and I have never been able to calculate exactly how much I earn over a certain period.

Besides that, my biggest source of income in the game comes from prizes in gold foil card tournaments, and a beginner can hardly start this way unless he invests a lot by buying or renting cards.

So I tried to formulate an answer that was realistic but that at the same time was not discouraging.


How to earn $ will depend mainly on 3 factors:

  1. Your skill as a player, the more you win battles the more you profit.

  2. How much you can invest, because the better your cards are, the more chances you will have to win battles and be able to participate in higher leagues that pay more.

  3. Your luck, as many of the rewards are generated randomly, for example, the quest chests, depending on your luck you can profit up to 75.000 DEC in a single chest, or find a GFL (gold foil legendary) worth more than $100!


I know that this answer is far from complete, and I would still like to formulate it better.

Am I forgetting something? Is there a more practical way to quantify these profits?

So I would like to receive feedback in the comments, to help me create a better response.

I want to thank you in advance for all the comments

I'll be back soon with new considerations on the topic and more answers to basic questions about Splinterlands.

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An alpha gold deck would have earned a lot but new editions and new cards and abilities would make such an investment obsolete in the long run. As for luck, it is kind of weird. I bought a mystery potion and once I got an undead rex, once a potion pack, then a plot, and yesterday, a single nightmare card. So it depends I guess.

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it is, it is complicated, they always ask me how much can earn and I find it very difficult to answer, it varies a lot, it depends a lot on several factors, I am confused but I must give some kind of answer :)

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True that. Thanks for the reply. :)

Pro TIP:
Make Sure You Get The BEST Summoners You can FIRST, Then the other cards and Earnings will Follow.......
Splinterlands Will Help to Spread the LUV @marianaemilia

Yes, this is essential. Thanks @stokjockey

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My Pleasure

Great little explanation. Plus, it started many conversations in the comment section! I love it! -carrieallen

Yes, it is a subject that I have difficulty, so this interaction and the responses of other people is certainly helping me a lot to formulate this answer better. Thanks @carrieallen

I think it's actually really easy to calculate. Just check the end of season reports from various players on that rely on the scripts from kiokizz :). Here's my own for instance:

I am pretty sure that the players at the very top probably earn at least 500,000 DEC per month (about $400-$500?), and perhaps even more! That would include tournament rewards as well of course...

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Truth! This tool is essential. I’m going to start referring this website: SplinterStats - Season Report Card to people so that they can measure the profit quantitatively. Thanks for the tip.

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Anyone who wants to make money playing this game, starting with just the spellbook needs to first spend a year learning, playing, and re-investing anything they win, leasing out cards they don't need etc.
One full year of playing daily quests, doing well in tournaments etc.
After that year, $4-$5/day would be a reasonable expectation.
If they can commit to two years without taking profits, $12-$15/day.

Yes, I always say that it is possible to start only with the Spellbook and grow little by little. Not to mention if the person starts participating in the community on Discord and the Peakd blog, as certainly some friends will delegate cards that help speed up the process, as well as the profits from the posts that receive the upvotes from the official account, can serve as extra income to buy or rent more cards. Add a little luck to the chests and spending just 10 dollars you can have a collection of more than 100 dollars in just 1 or 2 months.

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much love... very helpful