Llama Again! In the Earthquake with Tortisian Chief

in Splinterlands3 months ago
The Last Stand ability that the Scarred Llama Mage provides becomes even strong on a card that has Healing, as it stays almost invincible.

The Earth splint has several healing cards, but we can also use some neutrals like the Tortisian Chief, which besides Heal, has a good damage capacity: + 3 Magic Power!


In my last post, I had already shown a battle of this duo, in which a mighty Gold Dragon had his ass kicked.

Today I bring another battle with this great team, this time in the Earthquake!

Here the magic turtle was able to be victorious alone in the earthquake against flying creatures and eliminate another powerful legendary, the Phantom of the Abyss!

Battle Link: @cryptoreaper versus @spirits4you

The battle speaks for itself. Even without Flying ability, the sheer amount of life, healing, and high magic damage left Tortisian irresistible!

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such a nice win


I didn't know about the Llama! I will look for it.

Its Amazing but expensive

Does it compare to the unicorn?