Nice to meet, I'm the Scarred Llama Mage!

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Hello dear friends, lovers of the most wonderful crypto game: Splinterlands!

Today I come to present and bring some recent Scarred Llama Mage battles with a quick analysis.



The new Untamed legendary summoner, the Scarred Lhama Mage costs 7 mana, gives all friendly monsters +2 health.

Is the first Earth card to feature the Cleanse ability, which means it will remove all negative effects from the friendly monster in the first position at the beginning of each round.


Llama's abilities Operating mode:

Scarred Llama Mage's Cleanse ability will be triggered after other round effects, such as Poison and Earthquake, have started.

ability_cleanse.png Cleanse

Removes all negative effects on the Monster in the first position on the friendly team.

Monsters cannot have two equal abilities, so monsters that already have the Last Stand ability will not receive an additional benefit from the Scarred Llama Mage's Last Stand ability.

Last Stand

Gains increased stats if it's the only Monster on the team alive.

The abilities of Scarred Llama Mage will not affect the Silenced Summoners' ruleset.

The abilities and effects of the Scarred Llama Mage will be applied to the ruleset Back to Basics, as this ruleset states that "Monsters lose all their abilities", but not that they cannot have abilities applied during a battle by the summoner.




I confess that at first, I didn't really believe in this summoner, but I soon suffered this surprising and impressive defeat in a Gold League tournament:

As soon as my extra cards were eliminated, we had a one-on-one fight and, although my Kron the Undying also has the Last Stand ability, the + 2 health boost that Llama gives, produces enough difference for him to win.

Battle Link: @marianaemilia versus @g1k3r

I decided to start testing it in battles with some monsters that can heal, so that in addition to the increased stats when he is alone, he could still have an even higher survival rate, first with the Flesh Golem:

Battle Link: @dosh versus @digital-wisdom

Without the Llama this would be an easy victory for my opponent because thanks to Brownie, his Flesh Golem becomes faster and more powerful in the blows, and the most important:

With the presence of the Goblin Chef, the risk of being poisoned and even worse: Suffering from Affliction and thus lose your Healing ability!


However, the Llama's Cleanse ability prevented these effects, ensuring an easy victory for a much more robust and stronger Flesh Golem!

My opponent can take revenge a little later, this time in a battle of Llama against Llama, we had similar ideas but I positioned my Flesh Golem in the wrong place!

Remember: The monster that will receive the great benefit of the Llama must be in the last position!

Battle Link: @dosh versus @digital-wisdom

Sounds simple: Just put a strong monster in the last position and win! But it is not that easy, the possibilities are many and the fight with the Llama can become quite complex.

Still have other very interesting examples of Scarred Llama Mage in action, to broaden our understanding of this magnificent summoner, so I ask you not to miss my next post, as I intend to show spectacular battles! Stay tuned.

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Nice post maria. I don't have llama :P

I only have her MAX in one account and in the other only level 1, and at the moment the price is too high, the way is to wait :|

Hope you all got your Llamas. Cause they're the rarest legendary summoner now in Untamed!

@aggroed, My god, I just posting and the Llama price has skyrocketed! I believe they had underestimated it and only now have they realized its enormous power!

Nice card