Plado Emberstorm is still strong!

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Man does not live by Yodin Zaku alone!


Before Zaku's birth, Plado Emberstorm was my favorite summoner. Plado is similar to Prince Rennyn, with the difference that in addition to + 1 Life and + 1 Speed, he adds + 1 Melee Damage instead of + 1 Ranged.

All of this can make a difference in many battles, even against Yodin Zaku, who is usually slower.

Plado's devastating attack style, along with the suicidal Exploding Dwarf, always reminded me of those magical chess combinations where all the pieces are sacrificed to reach checkmate.


The basic idea is to use the initiative to generate a devastating attack at extreme speed, using the Plado Embestorm summoner and the Exploding Dwarf as a tank.

Exploding Dwarf is a card that has a lot of speed and great attack damage with its hammer containing Blast, and therefore also hits the monster that is in the enemy's second position.

Also, he has Piercing ability that ignores the opponent's armor, Retaliate and Trample, allowing him to execute multiple attacks in a row.

Click on the image to watch the fight:

Its weak point is the number of hit points which is very low, only 1.

This aspect makes it necessary to attack first at all costs, this formation must include the largest possible number of cards that increase the speed or decrease the speed of the opponents, for example, Goblin Shaman, Flame Imp, Creeping Ooze, Flame Monkey, and Spirit Minner.

This high level of speed prevents the dwarf from being eliminated even before participating in the fight, hit by a faster enemy card, for example, an arrow from Javelin Thrower, or Spark Pixies or a magical attack from Prismatic Energy, or even a Cocatrice blow.

Click on the image to watch the fight:

Exploding Dwarf usually carries out a suicide attack and so it is essential to place another tank in our second position to replace it as soon as it dies.

The Giant Rock card in the third position is also important, as it has Reach and Trample, which can provide an extra hit that is often a deciding factor.

In this style of battle, besides the initiative, the strength of the attacks must be as powerful as possible, the presence of Elemental Phoenix completes the equation.

Now let's see his performance against his younger brother Yodin:

With the high speed of Plado and other fast cards, plus the Blind ability, this suicidal strategy can be crowned with spectacular victories, often at the limit.

And in the new Equalizer ruleset, it almost always proves to be superior...

Click on the image to watch the fight:

Even the rare summoner Untamed Pyre has been very successful in the Equalizer rule, precisely with the help of the Exploding Dwarf.

That's it for today, I hope you have enjoyed these battles and that, for those who don't have it yet, it's still time to acquire a Plado Emberstorm, because in my opinion, is very worth having one.

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