Scarred Llama Mage in the Close Range ruleset

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Hello guys! Today I come with a new subject: the Llama! :D


This time I would like to show you a few more examples that were missed in the last posts: Scarred Llama Mage in the Close Range ruleset...

img_combat-rule_close_range.png Close Range:
Ranged attacks may be used in the first position in battles.

We already mentioned that monsters with Healing are even stronger with the Llama because this ability recovers 1/3 of its total life, so with the Llama's + 2 health plus a possible Last Stand, this regeneration becomes absurdly high.

Click on the images to watch the battles:

So in Close Range, if you have Healing + Ranged Attack, we have the perfect storm, and the cards most suitable for this are the Spirit of the Forest, Cornealus, and don't forget the Earth Elemental that can work in battles with little mana, especially in Close Range in conjunction with Reverse Speed.


I still don't have an example with Earth Elemental, but I achieved this beautiful victory with the legendary Spirit of the Forest, one of the most powerful cards in the game:

Despite the inconvenience of having to spend more $ to buy new cards and the price of Scarred Llama Mage is up there, it is always a great pleasure to see these new monsters in action.

In the next posts I still want to show you other exciting and wonderful battles with the new Dice summoners, stay tuned!

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Can't seem to keep up with the prices of these cards. It'll be interesting to see if the Legendary Summoners such as Llama and Zaku drop in price or keep rising. They're currently making pack openings look profitable.

Yeah! I think prices will fall in the future, but only after these pre sale of land ends

I agree with you Spirit of the moster is one of my favorite card ;)
Nice and useful Splinterlands post
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Thanks a lot

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Check lama + cube + checked in front in 13 mana battles. That's awesome too.

Ok, I always forget the cube, but when I use it I can beat the best players. Thanks for the tip.

Thanks for sharing. I love Llama. But she is too expensive. Damn!

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Yeah! I still need MAX it for one of my accounts and I don't know when, I hope the price will drop one day

Wow, I wasn't aware how powerful the last stand ability can be for monsters that heal themselves and shoot like crazy. Great post!

@flauwy Thanks! It is really surprising; Cornealus won the Kron which also has Last Stand!

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