Splinterlands Challenge of the Week – Exploding Dwarf

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A few days ago I made a post about the summoner Plado Emberstorm with several examples of battles and in all of them, there was the presence of Exploding Dwarf!

Right after that came the SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! about this card which is one of the ones I love the most!


I play a lot of battles with him almost every day, and lately I have used it a lot in the Equalizer rule where he becomes even more powerful with the addition of more hit points that was his only weakness

I rarely save a link to these battles, but besides those that can be seen in the post Plado Emberstorm is still strong! that I just mentioned, luckily I still had a battle up my sleeve, which I come to share with you today...

Click on the image to watch the fight:

It is difficult not to use this dwarf in the Equalizer rule, it is very tempting, although sometimes opponents with heavy magic in the last positions can beat him.

equalizerrule.png Equalizer

The initial Health of all Monsters is equal to that of the Monster on either team with the highest base Health.

In this battle, my opponent used a double Sneak strategy which I believe is not the best option, considering that the cards acquire more life on this ruleset, sneak blows take longer to kill the monster in the last position, leading to wasting time.

Meanwhile, my fast Exploding Dwarf did that damage on the front line, quickly eliminating the Silvershield Paladin tank, ignoring his armor thanks to Piercing.

In this battle, he showed his complete repertoire with a Retaliate followed by Trample in Round 2 and a dodge against the Armorsmith blow and finishing against Cocatrice without difficulties.

Due to his super aggressive and spectacular play style, simply demolishing his opponent, so many people love this wonderful Dwarf and he is certainly one of the most esteemed cards in Splinterlands!

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Images: @clove71 and @splinterlands



Great battle, the dwarf was giving 7 damage to the target and 4 damage to the blast target. Very powerful attack.

I LOVE tanking with the dwarf in equalizer. Especially with speed buffs, sometimes almost all the fire time strikes before the opponent does. Fire mayhem!

Equalizer mode might as well be called "Exploding Dwarf" mode. Everyone uses it. haha.

Dwarf is strong!
I was surprised!