Splinterlands Challenge of the Week – Feral Spirit!

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The Splinterlands Challenge of the Week features the Feral Spirit!

It was a fierce battle, in which both teams came up with the idea of ​​a double Sneak attack.


But while my opponent has Inspire thanks to the Enchanted Pixie card, increasing his damage by + 1, and the unpleasant Weaken (-1 health) and Slow (-1 speed) thanks to his Undead Priest card, I have Silence (-1 magic) and Thorns from the Crystal Werewolf, a Opportunity card (Harpy), + 1 speed from Silvershield Baard, and the fast Cocatrice at the rear.

Click on the image to watch the battle:

I expected, my Cocatrice to last longer by dodging blows, but it was only able to evade the first attack and was soon eliminated.

Fortunately to me, the enemy's Undead Archer who could have helped to quickly eliminate my tank, didn't have time to play and was soon killed by my Sneak attackers.

The enemy's tank, the Skeletal Warrior, although it looks modest, is quite dangerous because it has a Shield, and here it has + 3 damage.

However, the Silence reducing Pixie's magic, meant that my wolf could survive a little longer, and the presence of my Harpy managed to eliminate the enemy tank.

Note that due to the effect of Weaken, my cards have less life, and therefore only 1 sneak move from enemies is enough to destroy them.


But I have the great hero of this fight, my Feral Spirit!

He still has a huge +4 damage and a lot of speed, and after killing Elven Cutthroat with a single blow, he had the essential help of Silvershield Baard that when he reached the first position and eliminating Pixe, caused the Skeleton Assassin's damage to return to its usual + 3 instead of + 4 due to Inspire.

At this moment, that seemed to be the end, but my Feral Spirit can survive the onslaught of Skeleton Assassin and remain in the fight with only 1 hit point, while Skeleton had no escape when my cat returned the blow in his direction.


The Baard, before dying, once again helped, attacking and diminishing the life of the last enemy, so my Feral Spirit achieves the first position just in time to eliminate him. A thrilling battle.

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An awesome battle!

I'd love to see a triage cleanse ability introduced to nullify poison from sneak, I'm sure that'll be coming at some point!

The Feral is one great card for sure! Nice to end up with him!

@tipu curate