Tortisian Fighter: The blacksmith of the turtle kingdom

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I remember that as soon as I managed to upgrade my Tortisian Fighter to LVL 8, I was excited and anxious to practice in battle, but it took me a while to find the right occasion to use it.


So finally I got the propitious time to see it in action, and the result was a complete success.

In this battle, we have an excellent partnership between turtles, as we will see...

Battle Link: @marianaemilia versus @th12-hal

The Ruleset

The best situation for this card to take action is certainly in this battle rule: Weak Magic + Reverse Speed.

img_combat-rule_weak_magic.png img_combat-rule_reverse_speed.png

On Weak Magic the armor can absorb magic damage, the Repair ability becomes very important, and turtles are slow and become more efficient in Reverse Speed.


The Summoners

About the summoners of this battle, I think I took advantage, the legendary Selenia Sky with + 1 ranged attack is more powerful than the rare Lyanna Natura with + 1 health.

In compensation, my opponent has 2 legendary monsters on the team and me, none, which could compensate a little

My Team

In the first position of my team a great choice: the Spineback Turtle, with only 2 speed which is excellent for Reverse Speed, a generous amount of armor, and still has the Thorns ability.


Your only shortcoming: Not having Magic Reflect, can be somewhat mitigated in this Weak Magic rule, as your armor absorbs magic.

In the second position, Electric Eels has Reach to hit the enemy tank and Blast inflicts additional damage to Earth Elemental. Perhaps it is not the ideal choice because he is very fast, with 5 speed, which makes him miss blows more often in this rule.

Third, Water Elemental: an important card in this position, not because of its high speed since we are in Reverse Speed, but because it has a lot of HP and the ability Heal. Your objective here is to absorb the enemy's Sniper arrows and survive them thanks to Heal.

The Crustacean King, one of the most important cards in the water splint, for providing Tank Heal and extra Armor with its Protect ability. It makes it a perfect match with the other two turtles, as it further increases the amount of armor so that Tortisian Fighter can do its job.

Besides, together with the summoner Selenia Sky, both the Crustacean King and the Water Elemental have their arrow damage increased by + 1


The Enemy Team

Lord Arianthus in the first position is a great choice in Reverse Speed as he has only 1 speed, Thorns and Magic Reflect.

Fortunately, I didn't choose magic monsters that could be killed by Magic Reflect, and this helped me since the arrows are most effective against the Lord.

Earth Elemental in the second position is used to absorb possible sniper shots since he has Heal, and if the tank dies, he can try to survive in the first position by healing.

The Swamp Thing is a very important card in the Earth splint, because with only 2 mana you can, in addition to a good arrow, decrease the life and speed of opponents, but note that, although he has only 1 speed, in this rule it is not so effective because the slowest cards have the initiative and your ability Slow it benefits the enemy.

Goblin Sorcerer attacks the last position with magic and the Spirit of the Forest, which can be considered the most important monster on Earth, can heal the tank and still has Protect to provide extra armor to all his companions. However, both are fast and lose initiative against slower creatures in this battle rule.

The Chickens

To finish both players placed a Furious Chicken in the last position with the clear objective of bait for Sneak attacks.

For me, the Chicken helped a lot, absorbing 2 attacks from the Goblin Sorcerer, since the first one didn’t kill him by just reaching the armor thanks to Weak Magic, and this helped my Tortisian Fighter survive.

The Battle

I believe that this battle speaks for itself, just watch to see the tremendous synergy between my turtles in this battle rule plus the increment of armor and healing of the Crustacean King!


I think my strategy worked perfectly well, but maybe today I used cards with even less speed in Reverse Speed.

To tell the truth, I rarely used the Tortisian Fighter again, because it is part of the splint of Water I almost always prefer to use the cards with Magic Attack, but after this post, I will be attentive to try to put it more in play

I hope you enjoyed! See this battle again:
@marianaemilia versus @th12-hal

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Ohhh! Turtle synergy!! I love it!
And how lucky to get 'Reverse Speed'.
It's probably one of my favorite rulesets in general, as I like switching things up and trying new strategies.
Nice job!🥰 @carrieallen

Thank you, @carrieallen, I love turtles, they are the symbol of health. Kisses