Steemmonsters cards giveaway #47

in Splinterlandslast month

Hi guys!

How are you?

So it's gone better...I'm winning again, still in the top ten, I'm at about 1300 points which is very good If you think that we still have 9 days.
But the other players are also playing very well, we're all in a gap of about 50 points fighting for the same rewards!
Today I haven't played yet, I'll give a couple of hours later, I'll need to win about 50 battles per day to stay in the top or to try to reach the podium, even If that is very very difficult..

      • So with this giveaway's posts you can win a card for free, you just have to check the rules below and If you are lucky you win!
        I will post that every 2-3 days or once a week, it depends on how many spare time do I have, I try to post as frequently as possible.
        Here's the card you have the chance to win today:

Undead Rexx

Undead rexx.PNG

If you need further informations about this death's monster, please check the giveaway #17


The winner of last giveaway is @giemo
Congratulations, you won a Wave Runner!
Keep playing and keep participating, you can win again!

winner #46.PNG


It is very very easy to partecipate:

  • add a comment writing whatever you want, for example I am in or I will win the card
  • tag your steemmonsters player name in your comment or someone else if you want to give a gift to a friend
    upvote and reblog is really appreciate but not a must

I'll put all names into a random name picker to decide the winner.
At least 5 participants are required, otherwise this giveaway will be canceled.

I will send the card to the winner after a couple of hours or in a few days, when I have no time.

Good luck!


I am in. @godz

Congratulations you're the winner!

Very nice! Congratulation @giemo ! :)

I am definitely in for this giveaway. I love the Undead Rex. I even have a Gold one, too! :)

I am tagging my usual peeps @cryptofiloz @rxhector @joetunex & @theroad2freedom :)💚✨

Thanks Jenn 🤗

You're welcome, Joe! 🤗

Count me in! @gregory-f

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Thank you. Very much appreciated. Let's go for the next @giemo

I am in!

Let's go! @funferall

Count me in @m3ss

Count me in
Tagging @kintaro-oe

Congratulations to @giemo!

I just started so I could use an Undead Rexx. @moonthumb

I am in @jfang003

Congrats @giemo!

I would like the Undead Rexx, thanks!

Count me in! @mercurial9

I'm in :) @fant22

thanks for the chance @adamsteele


nice im in :)