Steemmonsters cards giveaway #48

in Splinterlandslast month

Hi guys!

How are you?

Those 2 days were probably the best in my 2 years of Splinterlands..a huge win streak of more than 150 wins and I gained more than 400 points!
I'm now at the position 4, very close to the second place, that means I have now a new goal to reach, I have to do better than last season.
Anyway I haven't completed the daily quest (3 wins with neutral, I always use neutrals in my strategies..) and I'll to wait the new one of tomorrow.
Stay tuned guys!

      • So with this giveaway's posts you can win a card for free, you just have to check the rules below and If you are lucky you win!
        I will post that every 2-3 days or once a week, it depends on how many spare time do I have, I try to post as frequently as possible.
        Here's the card you have the chance to win today:



If yoou need more informations about this death's card, please check the giveaway #12


The winner of last giveaway is @godz
Congratulations, you won a Undead Rexx!
Keep playing and keep participating, you can win again!

winner #47.PNG


It is very very easy to partecipate:

  • add a comment writing whatever you want, for example I am in or I will win the card
  • tag your steemmonsters player name in your comment or someone else if you want to give a gift to a friend
    upvote and reblog is really appreciate but not a must

I'll put all names into a random name picker to decide the winner.
At least 5 participants are required, otherwise this giveaway will be canceled.

I will send the card to the winner after a couple of hours or in a few days, when I have no time.

Good luck!


I am in @ionize-salt

Congratulations you're the winner!

And YES I am in for this one. This is a great card :) @pixiepost

Also, tagging my peeps @rxhector @cryptofiloz @theroad2freedom & @joetunex ☕️💚

Thanks Jenn 🤗☕

Thanks for this @funferall

Count me in
Tagging @kintaro-oe

I'm in @fant22

Thanks for the giveaway.

I will win Phantasm :D

Have a nice day, kind sir! @turb0nen

I would like to participate :) @goodguymate

I'm in thanks

Count me in! @mercurial9

This would be awesome to win @firelizsword

I'm in. @amaari
Thank you :)

Congratulations to @godz!

I would love to upgrade my Phantasm. @moonthumb

Count me in...