Roaring Twenties is looking for a new member; and it could be you.

in Splinterlands4 months ago

We operate a little differently from most guilds; you buy your seat once, and it's yours.
If you ever choose to leave, you can sell it to the highest bidder.

Guild wars are on the way, with Guild faction points (working title) to be won. Also three new guild buildings.

Selling the original 30 seats at 100,000 DEC each has given us more than we needed to max the guild, so there's a decent pile of DEC just waiting to upgrade those buildings as soon as they're available.

But that's in the near future. Right now, the guild offers a 15% bonus for DEC earned in battle, and an 8% discount on skins, potions and orbs. In a couple of days, when those last few scrolls land, that'll become a 20% bonus and a 10% discount, before dropping back to 15/8 at the start of next season.

We've had a seat open up, which I've bought from the original owner for 100,000 DEC; and am auctioning off to the highest bidder (with a reserve of 100,000 DEC).

Bid in a comment below. Highest bid that goes unbeaten for an hour, after this post pays out, wins the seat.


I'll bid 105k

Congratulations on the winning bid. Great to have on you on the team. Please send a request to join and we'll get the ball rolling.

congrats davel22.

Hello! How about race in the new league Path of the Exile? :)

Hey :)
Love the enthusiasm. When I first started the hardcore races, STEEM was $5 and winning 20 STEEM was pretty great. With the price this low, I've had to pause the races.
When the price recovers, I'll start them up again, as they're a lot of fun.
I just can't ask people to dedicate themselves to a game for 24 hours, just for a chance at winning $4.

I got it! I was ready! ;) Then see you at future races!

Heist looks fun. I'm just running my most successful char through the mud flats after beating Kitava. I only play hardcore :)

I bid the 100k

Congratulations then!

Not quite there yet, sadly!

...., (after this post pays out), wins the seat.

Thanks for your bid, Sonniwins. Didn't quite make it this time, appreciate you taking part.

Reblogging! Let's go team! 😎

I will bid for the seat, my collection score is 500k+ and I play regularly.

I have always resisted the idea of paying to be part of a guild ( after all the warriors fight in battle ) opening bid of 10k

Reserve's 100K, but I like your enthusiasm :)

Yeah, I just factored in the Adelaide team discount

Solid Guild glad I am in it.

This is an interesting and easy way to do it! I wish you much success Matt (except when you play Team Possible) :P

I'm hoping for someone who plays daily, as much as possible. Helping out with scrolls

That was part of the original rationale for the high buy-in. If you're not playing and getting that bonus, you're better off selling your seat, which is what the previous owner just did.

can I join?

Well.. you did just come into some DEC :)

what a plot twist it would be if i came back haha

105K at least. Let's see where the bidding takes us :)

does it include a gold foil legendary?

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The best guild! :D