Flamesmith and Yodin Team Up For A Win!

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Every week, @splinterlandss put on a challenge for us to post a battle using a specific monster 👹 This weeks’s them is “Flamesmith!” I never used this card before, and I didn’t even know if I had one. To my surprise, I did!

So, now that I knew I had the card required, I was anxious to get down to business.

The rules were inconsequential to my lineup, but the 30 mana limit, let me go big with my Summoner!

I chose, Yodin Zoku! I had to pick a fire summoner, because Flamesmith is part of the🔥 splinter! He has some retry useful buffs including a +1 range attack, and +1 health!


And now to my awesome lineup:

  1. In first position, I used Cerberus. He’s a mean dog, with a mean melee attack and good speed! I really like his healing ability.

  2. Elemental phoenix followed! I really like this monster’s stats!

  3. Zalfran Efreet battled in third. He is a magic monster with some sweet sweet abilities.

  4. Flamesmith followed in all his glory! He received a summoner’s buff for his range deck which was really useful!

Together, they made a very solid team, and in the end, proved victorious!

My battle follows:


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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Now, that's a fantastic lineup.
After getting special abilities from Yodin Zaku... the Flamesmith seemed to be firing.
Keep on battling.