It’s the Man-toid!

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Every single week @splinterlands puts on a “Share Your Battle” challenge, and this week they ask to share a battle that uses Mantoid! I don’t use him much, so this challenge was the perfect opportunity to get him in action.

A Mantoid is a skinny insect, resembling a praying mantis, about the size of a Goblin’s head. As it approaches its prey, the Mantoid may tilt its head inquisitively from side to side and rub its front legs together. The head tilting is actually an esophageal stretch as the Mantoid prepares to eat something wider than its throat. What looks like leg rubbing is actually the systematic sharpening of a thousand tiny razors, preparing them to cut through flesh like butter.

Here is my battle

Mana: 42

The Lineup:

Mantoid is a Neutral Monster, so all splinters were on the table! I chose Lyanna Natura to be my Summoner for her ❤️ Buff. She gives each friendly monster an extra HP!

After the Magi of the Forest, Lyanna is the greatest summoner from Anumün. She has many powers in addition to summoning, including her ability to communicate clearly with animals. She is married to Aggrodius Lightbringer, and they live together in Draykh-Nahka with their two daughters, Kiara and Talia. Lyanna lives a busy and high-profile life, very different from her simple past on the Lyverian countryside.

Now, for my Monster lineup:

  1. Goblin Mech lead the way with an awesome melee attack! His speed, Heath, and armor are all huge pluses with this card!

  2. Sand Worm 🐛 Followed with an awesome melee attack! His sneak ability, allowed him to attack from this position.

  1. Centauri Mage followed in third position, mainly chosen for her health stats and her ability to Return Fire!
  1. Wood Nymph followed in fourth! Her stats are largely unimpressive, but her Tank Heal ability is great!

  2. Screeching vulture was chosen to fight in fifth position. It’s opportunity ability allowed a melee attack from the back.

  1. Now for the namesake of this challenge! Mantoid was picked to anchor the team, with a great range attack and Snipe ability!

My lineup proved victorious! In fact, I didn’t lose one monster. I went four perfect rounds!

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@tipu curate

Thanks for sharing! - @rehan12

Nice battle. Infact the way the monsters were set up on your team, it was quite a catch. Unharmed win over the opponent.