Champion II, Highest end of season result yet.

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I was delighted to make it up as far as this level as I had spend a year in the diamond leagues before somehow making it into Champion III for the past few seasons. I was shocked by that result so found myself totally amazed by sneaking over the line for this season.


I also managed to get over the line at the same moment as finishing my daily quest so was able to maximize my rewards for the day. It's the little things that give me joy.

I have been adding to my deck but mainly gold cards to round it out and don't have any maxed out summoners or cards so was amazed to finish this high and to be honest found it easy going to go from level 3 to level 2. I was winning about 3-1 and didn't feel it was a struggle at all. I haven't been putting any extra money into my deck but spend a good bit of time trying to sell of the cards that I don't use much to buy ones that I could level up and use a lot more frequently.

It's great to expand my untamed set and have won a bit in the tournaments as most people aren't that strong with those cards.

Anyway it was great to get so high and add a few more rewards to my team.

End of season rewards








Not the greatest set of rewards and the first to my knowledge without any gold or legendary ones. I'll have to go back into diamond league I think even though the two orbs were a nice touch. I haven't seen any of those in a long time but also nothing special when I opened them.

Over all there are a lot of potions and commons so I am a little disappointed after my highest ever finish and not much to show for it.

I'll go again for the next season and hopefully be able to do a bit better.

Have fun.


That's a good effort without maxed summoners, most of mine are maxed and I always end up settling for Champions 3.

I know I could make Champions 2, but I just get annoyed every time I come up against someone with 5000 points I just log off, which happens quite a lot!

Also I think I enjoy the investing aspect more than playing the game.

I'm sure there's a better quality of reward higher up, nice Orbs there!

I love the battling side of it. Getting my daily quest reward and climbing the leagues. Funnily enough I have a second account with level 4/5 cards and it gets much better rewards consistently. More gold/ legendary cards and more orbs even with a smaller quantity of prizes it does a lot better.

I was surprised to get up this high to be fair. I don't know how it happened as usually when I got near the top of diamond you run into the maxed out teams and struggle. It must have just been a lucky run I guess.

I'm sure your investment will pay off in the long run. I love the team behind the game and if they keep developing at the rate they are it will be huge in a few years.

Pulled some epics and a rare and 2 orbs what was in their anything good? I’ve yet to crack champion I’ve only got as high as diamond 1

I've only started to hit champion in the last few weeks and this was my best result yet. Nothing great in the orbs just a few common and rare cards. It's still a nice feeling to get there though.

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Nice 2 Orb and a epic card....
What you get from Orb opening?