Splinterlands end of season rewards and made it to Champion I. 💪

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Another season on @splinterlands and just scraped over the line into Champion I. I had made it over the line a few days before the end but was playing to earn my daily rewards and slipped down a small bit. I literally made it with the last game of the season and 5 minutes to spare. I had come home form work and went to check my rewards before realizing I still had a chance to get there. I was about 50 points short and made it two wins in a row to take it. If i had lost the last one I wasn't going to get there. Total drama.


Either way I got a few rewards and am ready to go at it again. I'm really liking some of the new features on peakmonsters.com. They have reward and card values here in your explorer which is great info to have. I love to see the numbers and can compare with toher results.



So another season has ended and it's time to regroup, strengthen my deck and attack it again.

Onto the next one.

  • 50 Cards, 4 Gold 0 Legendary and 1 Epic
  • 1009 DEC
  • 29 Legendary Potion
  • 20 Alchemy Potion

And a bonus of three untamed packs.


Just a quick overview from my side and seeing how it all went down. It's nice to regroup after every season and see how it all turned out before starting the next one. My only hope for the future is a better league structure with more evenly balanced rewards and a good renting system which would add huge value to our decks by holding and renting to smaller players. I don't like the existing one and find it very slow and awkward to use. I have lots of cards just sitting there that i would love to earn a few cents from every day and stack it up.


Are they your rewards for one season?

If they are i'm well overdue a haul like that.

My rewards are nearly always shit.

I'm lucky if i get half the amount of cards, it's mainly just those useless potions for me, and I've never had more than 1 pack in an end of seasons rewards.

Ya, one season, champion I league.
Best rewards in a long time. I had plenty of seasons with potions and commons so it's nice to get a few packs and golds mixed in. I don't mind too much either way as I am just stacking rewards every day for the future. They are all worth something.

You'll have a good one soon. All it takes is a gold epic or few packs to make it a celebration.

I'll look forward to it!