I'm doing pretty well in a tournament at the moment

in Splinterlands4 months ago

Screen Shot 2020-12-13 at 9.03.27 AM.png

At the time of posting, I'm actually in second place. However, as you can see, only 8 of the 11 battles that I've submitted have been fought. A few more are waiting for the opponent. Two things are almost certain: one is that I will not remain in second place, but another is that I will move on to round 2.

Hopefully, I can make it far enough to get some sort of reward, but if not... then I'll just chalk this one up to experience and hope for better results next time. It's a little weird to only be able to use Untamed cards, but everyone has the same limitations.

If I could start placing in some tournaments at least high enough to get some DECent rewards, that would help me in the goals I have of increasing my collection rating, but also increasing my HP, and everything else.


Good luck

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