Someone Made a Dumber Mistake Than Me and I Completed My Quest!

in Splinterlands2 months ago


When I submitted this team for battle, I thought "well, that was pretty stupid." I wasn't really thinking and that wasn't the best lineup. In my head, I thought "you never know, the other player could've done something even dumber." I couldn't really have imagined this, though. I really lucked out here! This is the battle that completed my quest.


The rewards themselves were okay, I suppose. Nothing to write home about, but rewards all the same. That wasn't the easiest quest, though. I lost a bit of rating by attempting it.


I am working my way toward Silver I, with a couple hundred more points to go. Maybe I can get there tonight now that my quest is finished and I don't have to play the Earth Splinter every single time. Sometimes, that's the great splinter, but not all of the time.