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Peace, Hiveans

Peace, Splinterlands players

Our daily quest in Diamond leagueI has started with most of luck on my side since I rented one of the powerful Life summoner in the game. The Peakrider at full capacity was the principal summoner put in all the battle of this quest. Peakrider summoner influence the cards on both side of the board. It has not only the power to reduce range attack of all enemies monsters but also to add protection as Armor to all friendly monsters.






The decreased level in the league position was not as bad as my last quest in Diamond. The battles conducted during this Life challenge game presented some of the max level cards on opponents side. I was not prepared to win three out of five games at this level of difficulties. The problem was simple. My life pack cards had very few monster capable to compete. Although Peakrider was at maximum low level cards and some rental cards could partially compensate the gap between teams. Quest rewards was not as much I thought it will be but we have at least some cards that will level up after combination.

A short description of battle in regards to the daily quest is presented as we explain the key factors leading to victory. The first battle has displayed above lined on the opponent side Lord Arianthus (4), Gelatinous Cube (6), Enchanted defender (6), Sand worm (3), Prismatic Energy (5). My selected cards were Clay Golem (1), Sand worm (5), Silvershield Assassin (6), Armorsmith (6), Divine Healer (4), Silvershield Sheriff (3).

Battle rule set: Heavy hitters and Reverse speed

Summoners: Daria Dragonscale vs The Peakrider

On the ninth round of battle my opponent has not succeed to break through my powerful protection. The Armor and repair abilities from The Peakrider and Armorsmith held our defence against Thorns damage. It is interesting to see the Prismatic energy in actions. Although it speed skill was not appropriate for the battle rules, magic monsters are one of the weakness of the constitute team.




Battle rule set : Odds ones out and low mana 17

The second battle was the easiest. Hydra (4) did all the offensive and defensive tasks. Divine Healer (4) contributed to the quick recovery of Hydra which represented double healing impact on our first in line card. Elemental Phoenix on the opponent side had a beautiful performance during the three rounds of battle. Its magic attack blasted my Silvershield Bard away in the first round. I like that cards Elemental Phoenix especially at maximum level.



Battle rule set : Melee Mayhem and high mana 36

Melee Mayhem is one of my favourite rule set on the battle field in the game. The damage of my team cards quickly accumulated on the opposite side while the shield protecting my monsters was constantly maintained by Armorsmith repair ability. The opponent side had lower level cards compared to the maximum level Defender of truth and Hydra. My strategy worked consequently none of my cards left the board before the last round (3) of battle.




Battle rule set : Armored up and low mana 19

In this battle, I was expecting that my opponent would bring powerful magic element cards but great was my surprise to find Nectar Queen (10) and Wood Nymph (10). The low mana battles make difficult the choice of cards so it is important to have on the board cards that have lot of abilities or association of abilities that complete each others to bring your team to the victory. The skills and abilities of Hydra helped to defeat Nectar Queen in four rounds.




Battle rule set : Super sneak and low mana 18

Battle last four rounds with interesting strategies developed by the opposite side. Lord of Darkness (3) had very threatening abilities such as enrage, stun, shield. My Hydra could have been easily paralysed if positioned first in the line. Thanks to the sacrifice of Furious chicken (5) and Defender of truth my strategy was powerful enough to win this battle.




My team has suffered terrible damage as the rules varies and opponent strategies surpassed my combination of cards. I would like to thanks all the players that opposed my team during this Life quest. Much technical wisdom were shared with the community on Splinterlands. Special battle against @openos and @trinity2 taught me a lot of great combination I am planning to adopt next season.




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