Tournament Adventure, Skywaever Battle Lessons

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The tournament I have played earlier today, help our team to access how powerful the strategies we displayed could benefit us.



The result is not good for the rank of our team. What we can conclude is that the rules of the session significantly affected our strategies. Splinterlands tournaments are the best place in my opinions to test our gameplay efficiency. We have learned that our common combination of cards is completely none effective against our opponent under specific rules of battles.

There were also, positive contribution from that experience in the "Skyweaver dot net". I have bearly played with life summoner in the tournament before. One battle of this tournament revealed our how life summoned cards can bring victory in difficult battle.


Battle Shared link


The summoner cards available at low-cost are an opportunity for the players that missed the beta, promote, reward card of summoner. The market offers a few summoner that are still cheap to trade on the Splinterlands.

Splinterlands game is full of surprises. This season finale was epic. We have entered the Champion league for the second time consecutively and successfully reached the second level in that league. Although the cards distributed at the end of the season mostly contained DEC and potion, our team has spent a pleasant season.
As a member of the Alliance Guild, we invite you to look our team progression and join for epic adventure on Splinterlands. Our guild level will surely increase during the progression of the current season.

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