Unbelievable changes in life points from key card abilities

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I have started a battle base on the match rules set then discovered my opponent cards. I fought at first round of battle that the match was lost but it wasn't what it seems.


Death monster Vampire has some abilities that allow its life point to increase each time enemies receive damage from its range attack. The life leech ability of Vampire in my team increased during the battle up to 23 points then decreased severely towards 3 points.



Life stocker is one of my favorite ability at this stage of battle in the Diamond league. If you have played Splinterlands battle in high rank, you should know about the storm of attacks that rain in the first round destroying all your strategies in less than a minutes.

I hope to build great strategies that have the most effective impact on the battle ground as I move step by step towards the Champion League. Also, it is important to mention that renting cards is one of the best solution to move faster on the battle rank board. I didn't consider this solution when I played the past three seasons. Huge mistake on my part. There is a learning curve though. You must consider analyse your strategies to find the suitable cards on the market. Peakmonster has your next wish to own cards



On the market for rental, I prefer the Dragon summoners that boost all the interesting abilities unlocked in my deck. It is not so expensive if you choose the right cards. Please pay attention to the tutorial regarding the Peakmonster Credit deposit on your account in the website. Thanks to @grapthar for this post: Why you should try rentals

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