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In today's Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenge, we have been tasked to use the Stonesplitter Orc monster in a match. Stonesplitter Orc is a strong card that comes with the "Retaliate" ability, a good attack, decent health, and a small bit or armor.


The Lineup

This was 12 Mana match with a standard rule set, so I knew that I had to choose my team carefully since I did not have a lot of Mana to spend. I decided to put Stonesplitter Orc right on the front lines to take advantage of his "Retaliate" ability.


Using Stonesplitter Orc left me with only 3 Mana, and I wanted to include at least one other monster to support him in the match. After looking at my available cards, I decided to put Screeching Vulture in the third position. I thought this was a good choice because Screeching Vulture has the "Opportunity" skill which allows him to attack from anywhere in the lineup. He also has the "Flying" ability which helps him avoid the enemy's attacks and stay in the match longer.


Furious Chicken costs zero mana and is basically a "freebie", so I decided to place him in second position. My thinking was that if Stonesplitter Orc got knocked out of the match, Furious Chicken could at least give Screeching Vulture one more chance to deal damage before he reached the front lines.


The Match
Overall, I think it was a good match. I give my opponent credit for putting Furious Chicken in first position as this caused Stonesplitter Orc to waste his first attack against a "buffer monster" that has no real attack abilities.


They also put Failed Summoner in second position which allowed Parasitic Growth to attack from the rear of the formation and Horny Toad to use its "Reach" ability to attack from second position.

For a minute, I thought the opponent might have me beat as I was wasting my attacks on "fake" monsters while the opponent was damaging Stonesplitter Orc from the safety of second and third position. But once Stonesplitter Orc started using the "Retaliate" ability, we were able to quickly over power the rest of the opponent's team.

There are some Splinterlands matches where I am not really a fan of the card in the battle, and I use the card mainly to complete the challenge, but this quest was different. Stonesplitter Orc has been one of my favorite cards ever since I went up against him in battle the first time.

I remember the first time I played a match against an opponent that had Stonesplitter Orc on their team, and I was blown away by its ability to deal damage twice per turn. It seemed like every time I attacked, the opponent's Orc would attack back...and then it would launch its own attack on its own turn. The unrelenting attacks quickly led to the demise of my team, and knew that Stonesplitter Orc was a card that I wanted to have on my team.

orc 2.png

Overall, Stonesplitter Orc has a strong attack and good health. He doesn't have much armor, but his armor of 1 is enough to make sure that the opponent's first blow hits his armor instead of his underlying health. He has good speed, and at only 6 Mana, he is a great card for lower Mana cap matches. Overall, I'm impressed with Stonesplitter Orc and use him quite frequently in my matches.

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