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In this week's Share Your Battle challenge, we have been asked to complete a match using Molten Ogre. Molten Ogre is a Fire Splinter monster that has a strong attack and good health but is quite slow. To make up for the slow speed, he has the "Demoralize" ability which weakens the attack of enemy melee monsters. In this post, we will cover my strategy for using Molten Ogre, the results of the match, and my general thoughts about Molten Ogre.

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To start off, this was a very low Mana cap match with only 14 available to be used. In low Mana cap matches, it is always hard to decide between playing one very strong monster or trying to play several average monsters and hoping to overwhelm the opponent simply by numbers. Since Molten Ogre costs 9 Mana, I didn't have much of a choice. I had to go with the strategy of fielding one very strong monster and hoping that he could carry the victory.

Furious Chicken.png

Although Molten Ogre has a strong attack and good health, he has low speed, so I put Furious Chicken in first position as a buffer. My thinking was that the opponent would more than likely have a quicker monster that would waste its first round attack on Furious Chicken instead of damaging Molten Ogre.

ogre card.PNG

In second position, I put all my hopes for victory on Molten Ogre. I knew that it would be a challenge since I was using only one strong monster, but I still hoped for the best.

Ant Miners.png

I had two Mana left and decided to use Ant Miners as my third position monster. I knew that Ant Miners only had a melee attack, and I would have preferred a ranged monster, but I also knew that putting it at the end of the formation would allow it to gain a lot of health through its "Scavenge" ability before reaching the front lines.

The Match

As soon as I saw my opponent's lineup, I knew that I was in trouble. Not only did they have more monsters than I did, but they had some very strong monsters and three buffer monsters. I knew that Molten Ogre would have to waste at least three attacks on Furious Chicken, Shadowy Presence, and Creeping Ooze before he could even begin damaging the opponent's "real" monsters.


I have to give my opponent credit. They employed a very successful strategy and for this match, it was better to play a lot of average monsters instead of one very strong monster.

Thoughts on Molten Ogre
Although I did not win this battle, I still think Molten Ogre is a fantastic card to have. His high health and strong attack make him a great monster. Not only that, but his "Demoralize" ability allows him to reduce the attack of ALL enemy melee monsters. Sometimes when I am in a 99 Mana match, I will put him on my team just for the Demoralizing effect.

Molten Ogre.png

As much as I like Molten Ogre, he does have some limitations. He has no armor and slow speed, so he needs to be played with a strong supporting team. To be fair, playing him in a low Mana Cap match was not the most effective strategy, so this loss doesn't change my opinion. I still think he is a great monster and look forward to using him in many more battles!

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Can't win them all... I know that feeling, when you opponents cards come out, and you realize 'oh know... look at all those buffs!'

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Ahh, it happens, but I have to give an opponent credit for a good strategy. :)

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