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RE: Pixie Dust Gaming | Battle Hot Mess in Splinterlands

in Splinterlands3 months ago

Lol... This one wasn't that painful as the last one that I have watched... You spared us from a bunch of F words with speeding up battles in the second part of the video... hahahahahaha

Btw, nice that you have mentioned @rxhector! He writes great posts and I can recognize frustration in his words, as I do the same as him when I lose battles... hahahaha

Thanks for sharing! You did great in this one!


Oh yeah, that last one, omg....let's slide that under the rug....;) I HAD to speed it up since I was F bombing a lot & I already bored everyone enough ha ha ha.

Yes, @rxhector is HILARIOUS. I wish I could write with the emotion that he does (because believe me, I feel it!). It is not easy to do & actually make it seem like someone is watching him play. I appreciate his efforts & humor....I will be sure to shout out more people as I do these kind of videos. :)

Thanks for your support & watching! Glad you got a laugh :) 💚