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November is here & it’s time to do new things; have some fun!

I decided to get out of my comfort zone & step into the gaming world. While I am not a heavy gamer, I do enjoy a few of the popular ones on the #Hive blockchain. Among them are Splinterlands, Rising Star, Holy Bread & CryptoBrewMaster.

Today, I focus on Splinterlands. Since I haven’t had a chance to open my chests I earned from the last season we just finished, you will be able to share the fun of watching me open them. And I even do a couple of battles…

I already say this in the video, but please be warned!! There IS a little bad language when I do the battling. Even though I am a pretty much “go with the flow” pixie, something about the SL battles gets my wings in a fluster! So, if you don’t like colorful words, do NOT watch that part of the video (2nd half).

So, come & join me for some fun as I nervously go through my first video. We have laughs at my own expense!!! YAY! :)

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Today’s Music: Final Phaze - Jerry Lacey

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Happy November, Cuddle Kitten! Great to see you! 💚 😻


Here is some SPT for your Pixie Dust. Keep making monster videos. ;-)

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Thank you so much!! I appreciate you. :)

Hey, it was different for me making this video & showing what an amateur I am at this. But it was fun! 💚 😂

It looked very well, keep up producing videos.

Thank you very much! Hopefully, I will make more this week in addition to my normal content. lol Have a great day! 🙏❤️

😃 nice rewards you've got Jenn, keep enjoying the battle!

Thank you so much, Joe! I was surprised as you saw at the nice cards I got. It made up for the season before that...the rewards weren't as good then! 😂🤣

It was fun making this battle. I might create more but it won't be THIS long....maybe I will do one for a few others, too...we will see!

Thanks for watching, my brother & sending hugs your way! 🤗 ☕️ 💚

The video is fun, you should make more of it Jenn. Hugs back at you 🤗

Thanks Joe. You are always supportive! Maybe someday we can do another battle and we can each record it...THAT would be hella funny. 😂

Awesome I'm up for that, I without a laptop at the moment as soon as I get the work laptop back I will let you know ☺

Awesome! Sorry to hear about the laptop situation. That always sucks, but no worries. No hurry - I am always fluttering around somewhere hehe , :)

I am thinking to play splinterland again, my all cards are sitting, no use...

Yeah definitely. The thing is my time is so limited so unfortunately I don't get to play it every day. But I do try at least a couple of times a week. It usually whoops my butt, too....as I said in the video, I have NO idea what I am doing half the time! 😂 🤣

Thanks for watching, girl! You are the best! Love to you & Gigi! 💚 🤗

I wish I could get enough time for myself to play but I can't. Maybe I will delegate those cards to a newbie, don't know still. At least you try to manage time but I can't. Gigi is doing good... I hope Timmy is doing great too...

Sending love for both of you...

Ha ha wellll, I don't always manage my time that well but it's a process. I am trying different ways to do that until something works. I always feel like I don't have enough time, especially lately. It's also a mindset for me, too, so we will see...lol.

Delegating to newbies is a good idea. At least your cards would go to good use & you are helping someone! Win win there. ;)

Timmy is good too, sleeping like the old lazy bastard that he is! 😂 😹 😻 But I love him to pieces! So glad Gigi and You are well!

Love ya! 💚

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Woo hoo! Thank you so much! :)

Our pleasure @pixiepost

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