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Wait, it's not Wednesday - it's Friday! Whaaaat??

As I had mentioned in my last Splinterlands video, I had to split the footage into two here is the second half! ;)

In this addition, I continue the Neutral battles &, as usual, I hit a few bumps along the seems things changed slightly as well. You also may notice my "attitude" changes throughout the video....all I can say is old habits die hard! 😂

So, grab a beverage & join in the endless battling in the @splinterlands world. Also, comment below & tell me what YOUR favorite monster is & why...there may be a prize involved ;)

Keep kicking arse & keep battling out there! ⚔️

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DISCLAIMER: Bad language IS uttered & my usual insanity is very present….you were warned! ;)

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I know the feeling of having to complete the quest after lots of battling Jenn, I am loving the new fume poisonous rule, just get monsters with big hearts in the game and you most likely going to win the battle.

You've got awesome cards Jenn keep battling and find how to best use them, they are ass kicking monsters you have.

He he I think we can ALL relate to that - lots of battling! But it's fun in the long run & that's what matters lol...

I ended up liking the poisonous fumes. I had forgotten new rules had been added to the game so I was thrown off a few times ha ha. But that's what taking a break does to you. You have to get back in the loop a bit. :)

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Joe. :) I am determined to learn & little by little, I am! :) Have fun kicking arse out there ;)


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Thanks Jenn, I'm sure having fun and stuck on Splinterlands at the moment

Well, maybe I don't need to let you know about card give-aways. You have so many more good cards than I do. 😁

Seriously, though, keep kicking butt and making videos. Who knows, I may follow your lead.

LOL! I won some nice ones over time and bought some as well. Buying them can be addictive so I try not to go too crazy. I actually want to power up HIVE also lol...

I really appreciate you alerting me to some of the contests. Some I would've never seen otherwise. When I find new ones, I will make sure to alert you as well. I hope to do a similar thing eventually...

If you end up doing videos, tag me so I can support you! In the meantime, good luck on the battlefield. Keep keeping arse! :) 💚


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It wasn't enough that we heard a lot of swearing, and now you are singing???

Lord Arianthus... Magic reflect, thorns, shield... it has it all :)

Ha ha ha ha! You know you love it! If I didn't sing (or swear in SL), you would think something is very wrong. Besides, you LOVEEEEE my singing ;) 💜

I will look for this card. I think I have this one or at the very least, it was leased to me. I use so many different cards that I can't even keep track after awhile! LOL I prefer the ones that have multiple skills like that.

Thanks so much for watching. Keep up your great work!!! 💚


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My fav is lord arianthus - i got mine up to level 3(he gets thorns) - he's an awesome defender for the rear vs sneak

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I should look at doing that too but the one heart it has discourages me, one attack and he is out of the battle.

Yeah one hearts are discouraging at times. It takes me KNOWING a strategy to use them in, but that is not always the case with me. 🤣

It should be very handy with melees having the sneak ability.

@ph1102 mentioned this one as well. Like I told him, I am going to look for this one & try it out. I sometimes forget what cards I have since I am pretty much in exploratory mode when I play and use so many different ones.

Keep kicking arse out there! You are doing great! :) 🧡


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Happy Saturday, Cuddle Kitten! 😻


Thank you so much!! :) You rock! 💚

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