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Well, since it's a cold, rainy day here in Nevada, my creative flow wasn't too motivated so I decided to do some battling in Splinterlands again...

Things started off nicely but then it kind of went downhill after awhile (which seems to typically happen in this game)...

Mind my approach in these videos. I am not a super official "gamer" so my way of doing these are a bit different. Aside from just battling, I like to share my perspective on various cards & aspects of the game as well as complain & swear... LOL So, beware :)

Take a look at the video inside & enjoy! :)

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Today’s Music: Final Phaze - Jerry Lacey


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This is so awesome! I am so happy I found your Splinterlands video on 3speak! You have some gifts and an upvote coming your way! I am so happy you did not lose and throw your computer out the window! LOL!

Oh my gosh! So great to see you here in the comments! Thank you so much....ha ha yeah I do the SL videos a bit differently. People tell me how comical I am when I play so I thought why not do a comedic spin on things?

I am having fun making them & probably will make another one soon. Girl, that is why I sped up that part of the video! I was about to throw the computer out the window ha ha...😂🤣

Thank you so much for the appreciation & gifts. I really appreciate you. I will be checking out your video later as well :) You do a great job! 💚

I love your Splinterlands video, such great battles! I can't wait to see your next video on 3speak! ~@clove71

Thank you!! :) I appreciate you :) 💚

Lol... This one wasn't that painful as the last one that I have watched... You spared us from a bunch of F words with speeding up battles in the second part of the video... hahahahahaha

Btw, nice that you have mentioned @rxhector! He writes great posts and I can recognize frustration in his words, as I do the same as him when I lose battles... hahahaha

Thanks for sharing! You did great in this one!

Oh yeah, that last one, omg....let's slide that under the rug....;) I HAD to speed it up since I was F bombing a lot & I already bored everyone enough ha ha ha.

Yes, @rxhector is HILARIOUS. I wish I could write with the emotion that he does (because believe me, I feel it!). It is not easy to do & actually make it seem like someone is watching him play. I appreciate his efforts & humor....I will be sure to shout out more people as I do these kind of videos. :)

Thanks for your support & watching! Glad you got a laugh :) 💚

😂🤣 Don't mess with pixie! I love your excitement of winning!

HA HA HA! Damn straight! Hey I will take the small victories. ;) After losing that one battle, I was DETERMINED to end the video with one I won haha. I am so stubborn :)

Thanks for watching. I knew you'd get a kick out of it :) 💚