Sharing my battle weekly challenge. Theme: CAPTAIN'S GHOST.

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Hello Hive Community,

This is Rashed again.
Thanks to everyone who supported and encouraged me till now.

Please check my introduction post to know me better from the link below.
This is Iftekhar Rashed.

This is my another entry to weekly battle challenge of #splinterlands.
Challenge Link.



Edition: REWARD
Rarity: RARE
Element: WATER
ABILITIES: Affliction at level 1; Oppress at level 5

  • Create a post sharing a video of one of your battles using the CHILD OF THE FOREST.
    = This is my battle link.

  • Tag splinterlands.
    = Okay.

  • Tell us about your lineup. Explain why you put each card in that position and why the CAPTAIN'S GHOST is a good fit for the ruleset.


About the ruleset: This battle's mana cap was 22 and it had a rule and that is Weak Magic.

Serpent of Eld

This card did a very nice job at the front.

I gave the front position to this card because I don't think that I have any better melee attacker in my water collection.

Wave Runner

This card did a very nice job in the second position because of its "reach" ability.

"Reach" ability is something that allows your melee attack monster attack from the second position.

Captain's Ghost

This is the theme card that I used in the third position.
This card has this ability "affliction".

It did nice from its position by attacking opponents.

Furious Chicken

I used this card at the last position after I checked and found that I had slots left but I didn't have mana left.

This card with 0 mana fills that gap easily.

  • Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?
    = Yes it was a success and a nice strategy. I will try to stick with these cards.
  • Do you use the CAPTAIN'S GHOST often? Why or why not?
    = First time ever. I just started playing.
  • 👉Share your post to some OTHER Social Media site. Literally ANY site. (We want more people to know the joy of playing!)
    = I shared my post on my twitter account.
  • Link both your HIVE post AND the social media site you shared it to in the comment section below.
    = Okay.




This is my battle result.

Picture Source: All the pictures of this post are property of splinterlands.

If I talk about splinterlands then I'd say that,
I think it's a good place to pass your spare time with something enjoyable and earns something at the same time.
The inside game gives nice gifts to active players and they also reward users in hive with upvote which is a better option for newbies too to earn something as a beginner.

I will ask you to join with my referral link in splinterlands if you wish to.
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Wish me good luck, will you?

Be safe till we meet again.
Au revoir/Goodbye.


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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Nice battle.
And fantastic post.
Your post looks small but it seems standard (to me at least).
Keep up the good work.