Splinterlands Challenge of the Week: Dragon Splinter

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This week's Splinterlands Challenge of the Week had a slightly different flavour to it - requesting us to showcase a Dragon Splinter Summoner, so I opted for the classic Selenia....

Selenia is one of the most awesome 3 mana summoners, coming with a plus one ranged attack.

The battle below is short but a truly great victory over a maxed deck and rule set appropriate summoner which showcases two cards from the Dragon splinter very nicely...

Screenshot 20210124 at 17.08.05.png

The Rule Set and Line Up

  • Earthquake - lots of flying monsters in the Dragon splinter!
  • Odd cards only - dragon is good simply as it gives you more choice, but I had two cards in particular I knew were odd that I wanted to play...

Screenshot 20210124 at 18.19.22.png

Summoner - Selenia - While most monsters aren't benefitting from her plus one, the Scale Doctor does.

  1. Gloridax Soldier - He was one of the few monsters with shields that was relatively low mana, good for Earthquake
  2. Brownie - to inspire and swiften the vulture
  3. Creeping Ooze - to slow and buffer as a tank
  4. The vulture - may main attack car, with opportunity, flying and scavenge!
  5. Scale Doctor - I wanted rust, repair and triage for the Earthquake - and the strengthen comes in handy too!

Did my strategy work?

Well not really in terms of the Shield and repair strategy because my opponent played the minus 2 shield Earth summoner, but I still won!

  • Round 1 - My Vulture takes out his vulture straight out the blocks, thanks to my BUFFS!, but thanks to a retaliate and other attacks I lose my Gloridax Solier
  • Round 2 - thanks to the combination of Earthquake the previous round and my buffed vulture, he loses his Earth Elemental and I lose my Ooze to the Wasp thing, but that's why he's in second position!
  • Round 3 - I lose my Brownie, but he also loses his Wasp thing - with the Vulture ending on health of 5, even after retaliate!

The Dragon Splinter - great for Earthquake and odd numbers only....

I know this was a short battle, but I thought I'd share it as I was pleasantly surprised at how easily my team won - despite the rather formidable and decent choice of cards by my opponent.

And with my shields nullified. Had this been against Lianna I would have probably finished with a full house, what with repair in effect too.

I think it's a great win for an odd but rule set appropriate selection featuring two not very used cards from the Dragon Splinter!

The Dragon Splinter is a great choice for Earthquake, as so many cards fly, and there are so many great odd numbered cards too - especially the Scale Doctor which is one of my faves, and very useful for this particular combination of rule set!

Dragon would have been even better with a higher mana cap, as that then allows you to play the Gold Dragon, another awesome card!

If you don't yet play Splinterlands, why not give it a go?

Anyone using my referral link will receive a free rare card!


Great game!!!

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

I've heard a lot of good words about Selenia Sky but I didn't have the opportunity to ride her dragon.
You've done well.
Keep on battling.