Splinterlands Legendary Card Giveaway

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Hello everyone,

Okay, time to give away a card so I will do that first. It was from this post sorry I was a few days late and thanks for all the entries so cool to see.
The winner is.

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Congrats to @kidsisters hope it helps you a little. The wheel seems to like you

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Each week I ask you guys a question and you have to answer to win the card. I always read them all but don't always reply. You have to answer the question or you won't be in the draw. I don't care what you say but it has to be an answer that makes sense. Trying to avoid bots.

Did you see that now DEC will be on Binance Smart Chain? They are going to add it to Cub Finance from the Leo Finance guys. You will be able to put your DEC on a farm and get the Cub for doing that. Again look they are adding the Binance Smart Chain to your wallet and there it only cost around $0.10 to $0.25 to move around your money but you can farm like on ETH. Do you think you might join?

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The giveaway is only on hive.

I have a little DEC in the Pool so that was cool to see. I am glad they are giving us a reason to keep putting it in. I like to save up till my main has around 100k and then move it over. I am low after buying land but still plan to add it. But the other thing they show in the post is how much DEC is giving out each day. It is good to know how much is going out and that they think it will need to go up due to how much will be needed for other parts of the game. That means we will get to earn more DEC and have an option to use it as we want.

Now for what most of you want to know. What card can you win this week?

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Dragon Jumper is a great card imo so sure it might help you.


I'm not that knowledgeable about most things defi. So I most likely won't be joining for now.
Tagging @jfang003

for sure learning defi is a key to really getting a lot from crypto.

At this point I'm taking a wait and see on DEC/Cub farming on BSC.

Good Idea think it will have high apr at first as not that many know about DEC

@tipu curate

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I mean Id like that dragon jumper please

Dann the dragon jumler is sweet @giemo

I am trying to participate for a change, but it's actually pretty tough to get BNB to pay the transaction fees where I am... FINALLY found an exchange that carries it I can use :D Probably won't put a ton in, but since the fees are so tiny compared to Eth - will give it a try.

Good move if you get in has been good for me

I will definitely check it out. Cub has been mooning.

Dragon Jumper looks like mumen rider

I'm still pretty new in the world of crypto so I'm not really sure what DEC being on Binance Smart-chain means, but the Dragon Jumper looks dangerous! Have a nice day!

cool 👍

I just started, so I don't have enough DEC to put somewhere else.
For now I will just use it to buy more cards.
My first legendary would help though ;)

I'll probably drop a bit into it. I don't have much to spare but it may be worth it.

I currently dont plan on joining but I might do so later down the line.

I will enter for sure DEC/CUB farms, but didn't had the time to gather some funds yet.

Thank you for giveaway!

I still have to set up my BSC wallet and look into all that, but I'm interested. Smart call to keep integrating SPL with other platforms

I'm a noob, don't own any cards, lol.
I'm afraid going with alts I don't know.

username: onstageguy

Thank you so much for the card.

I might join the new setup, but damn that dragon jumper is a sweet card. - @chimento

Hi @robinsonr810!

I have used the BSC previously when there was the Trust Wallet Token Airdrop, but I haven't used it for DEC. I don't know much about Cub, but thanks for the link!

Having 100k DEC would be a nice base amount for passive staking/farming! 😜

I would love a Dragon Jumper!! 😲😁

Congrats, @kidsisters!

I will look into it if its efficent/worth it

dont have enough to put in any pool anywhere lols

I dont have enough to put in any pool anywhere but great card

I won't join because it is a little complicated for me

That is certainly great to see about the DEC, however I am so new to the game that it is not for me. The Dragon Jumper card looks great!

Dragon Jump is sensational, congratulations on the initiative!!

I am waiting to see the progress and truly I am not a big fan of farming...
Thanks for the giveaway... I am excited if I got the Jumper
Tagging @harpreetjanda @mandeep19 @rupinder to join the giveaway..

i do not have a enough yet but will try to stake some to try this.
Thanks a lot for the giveaway

I personally am not planning to join because I don't have enough DEC to make it worthwhile. I think its a good idea as it would allow people to avoid paying extra to buy DEC out on the normal market.

I would love to join however currently I am in need of buying cards since I have low collection power. So any amount of DEC I got goes to cards however in the future I will most probably farm so I am happy to see this news 😇