my weekly challenge starring "kobold miner"

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welcome to another issue of my weekly challenge this time it's about kobold miner

before we proceed to main topic about my battle let's find out who it is? first.

Kobold Miner


This Kobolds of the Burning Lands are skilled at seeking and extracting precious stones from the innards of the planet.

Their favorite tools are torches (now i know why there is a flame on top of his heas) and hammers.

Thanks to the extreme pride they take in their mining work, they happily accept their situation of servitude to the Torch.

Card details

now we know who is he? let's talk about his card details and stats by level.

kobold miner is common fire splinter alpha/beta card with 2 mana.

because it's an alpha/beta card there is no way to get it but to buy from market.

you can buy it from website.

check out this too. i'm actually purchased it with the link below because i'm using mobile phone.

card 1.jpg

by default it's melee attack is 1 with the speed of 2 and health of 7, it also have sneak ability.

upgrading it to lvl 3 by combining 12 kobold miners cards, will increased it's melee attack to 2.

at lvl 8 it's melee attack increased to 3 with it's speed at 4 with health of 5.

you need to combine 505 kobold miners to maxed this card, at max it has melee attack of 3, speed of 5 and health of 6.

note: before upgrading it make sure to upgrade your summoner or else you can't used it's high lvl stats.

The Battle

it's time for the main topic of every weekly challenge "the battle"

first the ruleset of this match.

The Rules


  • Target Practice - all ranged attack monsters gain snipe, this will give your monsters an ability to target ranged, magic and no attack monsters that is not in first position.
  • Knockout - all monsters will gain knockout ability, this is only effective for monster with stun ability, it will make double damage when attacking stunned enemy.
  • 12 mana limits.
  • only fire splinter allowed.

now here's the team for each player.


we both used malric inferno as summoner, all his four monster cards are GFL (Gold Foil), while mine are normal card, all my monsters are melee except for the chicken so i'm not able to used snipe, i don't know why he didn't add the all time favorite furious chicken in his lineup, it his decision so i can't question it.

let's proceed to my lineup and why i choose it.

My Team

Malric Inferno is what i used as summoner, this is because of it's ability to add +1 damage to your melee monsters.
Cerberus is my tank, with it's heal ability and 4 mana, in this kind of rules where mana limit is very low this card will give you a big help in the battle.
Furious Chicken when you need to fill your lineup and you no longer have mana left, this card will help you filled your team because of 0 mana, this also my first card to die in this battle with snipe, it's sacrifice will help my tank not to take damage from first ranged attack of my opponent.
Kobold Miner is the star of this event, with it's sneak ability, it will target my opponent last position monster and would kill it slowly in every attack of this monster.
Serpentine Spy with it's ability oppurtunity, this monster would help me to get rid of my opponent's monster with lowest health.

Time To Rumble

my summoners and lineup is ready it's time to rumble.

Round By Round


both player used malric inferno, so every melee monsters we have increased by 1, his goblin shaman decreased my monster health by 1.


my furious chicken killed in round 1 but it's sacrifice will be remember, two of my opponent monster down, two more to go.


in the end of round 2 it's already a win for me, he only have 1 monster left, while i still have 3


knockout is useless in this match for both team, my all melee team works in this match as only my chicken killed by his sniper, my cerberus handle it all after that, thank to it's healing power.


in this low mana match kobold miner helps me to fill my remaining mana, not only that he also slowly killed my opponent at the back because of it's ability. i'll used this card more often in a low mana fire splinter battle and much more in 4 mana below only match.

thanks for reading...

remember if you need a card and you only have 2 mana left for your fire splinter team don't forget to used kobold miner this will help you in your match.

not yet playing splinterlands, starts your journey today and collect NFT cards.


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Thank you for your Battle Challenge.

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Nice strategy and a nice lineup.
It seems your Kobold Miner did well in the battle.
Keep battling.

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