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For the last few years I've been playing and investing in a digital, collectable card game called Splinterlands.

Digital Cards Are Better

The cards themselves are NFTs or Non Fungiable Tokens. This means that each card has a unique card identifier imprinted on the block-chain.

Because the cards are digital, they don't get lost and they can't be stolen. They can also accumulate in value over time and can be bought and sold instantly. You OWN the cards.

Unlike many of the card games you know of.

This game was originally called "Steem Monsters" because it originated on the Steem block-chain.

Later the name was changed to reflect the inclusion of various crypto currencies as payment methods, and since then have transferred entirely to the HIVE block-chain.

I wish I had bought a lot of the cards cheaper earlier on due to inflation. Now is still the best time to get involved though.

Dark Energy Crystals

With the inclusion of DEC or Dark Energy Crystals, it's now possible to be paid for winning matches. DEC can be traded on hive-engine herefor other tokens or Hive, which can then be converted back to your local FIAT currency via a crypto exchange as needed.

img_0.19853556658154664.jpgDark Energy Crystals worth US$7.57 at today's rates

img_0.623204569643759.jpgSome of my tokens on Hive Engine

There's also the ability to lease out your cards to other players for a rental fee that you can set (mine are set way too cheap, but my focus is getting more people to play rather than ripping people off) and that also includes an escrow in case someone breaks a contract (you both get paid).

It's a great passive income and profits can go back into upgrading your cards or spent elsewhere.

Rental income and card values can be monitored on fhe site or via third party d'apps (decentralised apps) such as Peakmonsters. You can see what my cards are worth at any given moment here: Shaidon's Collection
(Just insert your own username).

Every single Splinterlands account also doubles as a Hive account on Hive Blog
which is a censor proof social media platform, that incorporates alternatives to YouTube like Dtube and 3Speak, and also gives you access to a multitude of other games and features on the Hive-blockchain.

Even this blog post was edited on my phone using the Ecency app, just another platform built using Hive technology.

The Affliate Link

If that wasn't enough, when you sign up for the game you get an affliate link that you can share on social media and with your friends.

You get paid 5% of the lifetime purchases of every referral in credits.

img_0.6862500068217088.jpgSweet sweet residuals

If you're interested in joining yourself click on the link here: Splinterlands or if you're adventurous you scan the QR code below.

img_0.9155518757051765.jpgGuerilla marketing campaign

A Summoner Spellbook is only US$10, but the Splinterlands app is FREE to download from the Google Play Store.

img_0.3990762329032099.jpgGoogle Play Store

Whatever you choose to do, I'm getting paid to win.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading!

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All images produced or edited by myself, except where credit is given.


started playing this game yesterday, Thanks for the update I really don't know about the mobile application thank for the updates 😀🙏🍻

You can also start leasing out cards too.
Don't forget to share your affiliate link with friends

ok sir I have just started haven't purchased the spell-book yet I think this is going to take time.
sure I will do that.

Awesome. It's a good passive income when it works.

ya it is good

Splinterlands: Get Paid To Win

i'm happy paying to play - buying all the cool expensive cards :)

I am happy having bought some of those cool expensive cards cheaply and selling to you for a profit. I really, really, should have kept so many more Alpha cards but I was impatient.

lol, i shuda bought more of the alphas when i had the chance. maybe they will come up again for reasonable price at some time. Until then will keep buying all the other cool expensive ones :)

Hive engine has Alpha tokens but I am sure they are mostly commons.

Great post!! Happy New Year to you!!

Happy New Year to you too.