Made it to Gold / Win streak of 32

in Splinterlands6 months ago

Screen Shot 20200411 at 3.14.26 PM.png

I'm plugging away at it today. Knock on wood, but I've been having pretty good luck so far. I've won 32 battles in a row and made from Bronze to Gold.

There was one point that I thought for sure I'd lose my streak... my only options for splinters were Life and Death, and I didn't rent any cards in either of those splinters. Luckily, my opponent fled the battlefield, so it didn't matter. After that, I rented a bunch of Life Splinter cards, just in case.

I'm going to keep going and see if I can make it to Diamond! My next quest isn't for four more hours. Because I don't Death or Fire splinter cards, I'll have to hope I don't get those splinters for my quest. It would really suck to get one, hit new quest, and get the other one. It's definitely happened before, though.


You got a really good result. I also like SPLINTERLANDS


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