Splinterlands Daily Time Rewards and Profits #16

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Time to start posting these again and doing my part to try and be part of the process, I'm sure everyone know's my Bro @burlarj plays my @shoemanchu account and he sure does a great job, always up their at the top. Appreciate him and all his hard work cause we all know I can play this game good at all, haha. The Daily is done by my bro and a day in the green is always a good thing, so that's some good news for the day among many other things. Profit was $11.20 today with all the goodies. Today was the release of the new cards and what do you know I got a Legendary Almo Cambio, that was a nice surprise for us. Really liking the new card characters, just wish they would've update the border for them but all good. Good luck on everyone opening your goodies, wishing you good luck and fortune in all you do and thank you for checking in, as well as looking at my daily Rewards post on Hive Blog. Have a great day or night, wherever you are in this wonderful world.... One love....

If you want to view my daily rewards breakdown, scroll down and you'll see my totals.

Thanks for taking a look at my @splinterlands daily rewards on my @hive blog. God Bless




1-21-2021 Daily Rewards

Shoemanchu Account

Total Cards-5
Gold Legendary-0
Gold Epic-0
Gold Rare-0
Gold Common-0
Legendary Potions-3
Gold Potions-2

Daily Profit= +$11.20

Half goes to my Bro @burlarj who plays my account.




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nice one boss, we are rocking it!

Yup Yup, let's keep it pushing, do what we do to create and have fun.

Congrats! Nice card! ~@clove71

Thanks @clove71 appreciate it.

Congrats on the rewards and that awesome card Almo Cambio!