Animated Gif of my hand drawing "Pit Ogre"

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Hi there Lovely and Creative People of Hive World,
Hope you all are fine and have a great weekend to all

I am come up with animated GIF of my hand drawing of #splinterlands monster character "Pit Ogre". I just rotate my drawing and stretch it a little and make this GIF

Animted GIF of my Drawing


Hand Drawing/Still Image

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I just cut the background from my drawing and took PIT OGRE. And rotate and stretch it for couple of frames.


and then draw a background in quick :D



It was my working on GIF image of my drawing of Splinterlands Monster Character. Splinterlands is block-chain based card game, where player earn crypto by winning battles and daily quests etc.
Player can also trade cards on the market as well.
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And you can visit FAQ to know more about it.


Hope You like it,
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Cool animation. Now I realized Splinterlands would probably benefit with an animated series for all to enjoy.

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Thanks for appreciation and Curating my GIF :)
Yes, Animated GIF is always a fun view and professionals can make it much more attractive

Nice gif work man. Thanks for sharing.

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My pleasure :)

Thanks for sharing! - @rehan12

Nicely done. It does seems little more lively in the gif than in the lore image 😉

Thank you so much for appreciation :) and curating my GIF WORK @rehan12