Get some Good Cards by Lovely Neoxian Citizens

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Hi there Lovely people of Hive World,
Hope You all are fine and safe.

I am sharing my happiness for getting some awesome #splinterlands cards delegated by lovely #neoxian citizens (Sayee Didi, Simplymike :).

I was sharing my Splinterlands game status on Neoxian Discord, where I get some appreciation and tips and today My Didi (@sayee) delegated me Gold card (Phantasm),Thank You Didi :)

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And get a chicken card as a gift from SimplyMike with awesome, powerful cards leased to me :), Thanks for the surprise gifts and happiness both of you

I am not good warrior but learning stage and from last few days I saw my opponent cards and thinking to buy some of them like Nectar Queen, Undead Rexx, Wood Nymph, Sea Monster, Sea Genie etc :D hehe but what a day that I have got those cards by my Friends.

Here I want to thank @burl who already gifted me some good cards but I didn't post a blog to thanks Him. I also took his time to learn some basics of Splinterlands game and He is good teacher and a good person as well (Thanks)


These cards are of block-chain based card game "Splinterlands". We can earn crypto by winning battles and by completing daily quests etc. And we can trade those cards on market as well.

You can easily learn about the basic game and will learn more by playing it. If you ever think to give it try, here is my Ref Link.
And you can find more about the game here


Hope You like it,
Thanks for the Visit



Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Howdy... congrats on getting such nice gifts.
Now you'll be able to play better, I hope.
Keep on battling.

Nice one there. Thanks for sharing.

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