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Hello Hivers and Splinterlands gamers!

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The Feature Monster



Rarity: RARE

Element: WATER


ABILITIES: Heal at level 1; Dodge at level 5

From the beginning, this monster is definitely one of my favorite cards. Using @crriealens words: It's because of the heal, it's perfect to hang out in the back line, shooting off arrows and healing when a sneaker or sniper come in to ruin the day.

The Ruleset

Mana- 99

Rise of Commons- Only Common and Rare Monsters may be used in battles.

The Strategy

1. I will set up my Monsters the way I would a standard battle, except that I can use only Common ad Rare Monsters.

2. I will use Daria Dragonscale as summoner for the +1 Melee buff, and use 4 Melee Monsters, one Magic Monster and the Feature Monster Water Elemental.

3. Since this is a high mana battle, I will use the highest attack and highest health Monsters possible, regardless of Mana.

4. I will utilize only monster with the ability to attack from behind the tank.

The Lineup

Click the link to watch the battle.

Summoner Daria Dragonscale- All friendly Melee Attack Monsters have +1 Melee attack.

1. Goblin Mech: Piercing- Speed of 3, Melee attack of 5 +1, Armor of 6, and Health of 8. It has the Piercing ability: if a Melee or Ranged attack in excess of the targets armor, the remainder will damage the target health.

2. Sea Magic: Heal- Speed of 3, Melee attack of 5 +1, and Health of 9. A monster with the ability ot restore a portion of its health in every round. I placed it as aback-up tank.

3. Sand Worm: Sneak- Has a Speed of 2, Melee attack of 5+1, and a Health of 6. This Monster targets the last enemy monster in the lineup, instead of the first.

4. Serpent of Eld: Dodge - has 3 +1 Melee attack, Speed of 4, an Armor of 2, and a Health of 6. It has the Dodge giving it increase ability to evade Melee or Range attacks.

5.Prismatic Energy: Magic Reflect- A Speed of 4, Magic attack of 2, and a Health of 10. When this Monster is attack by Magic attack, it does Magic damage back.

6. FEATURE MONSTER Water Elemental: Heal- Speed of 5, Ranged attack of 3, and Health of 5. It has the ability to restore its health in each round.

The Battle

My Water Elemental conquered enemy Living Lava
Prismatic Energy trashed enemy Serpentie Sky

Sea Monster ruined emnemy Fire Elemental
Sand Worm wasted enemy Ettin Spearman

Water Elemental slaughtered enemy Spark Pixies
Sand Worm demolished enemy Naga Fire Wizzard for the win!

Battle Result

I admit it is a bit unfair... my opponent was levels below me. He/she fielded all level 1 cards. I won at the end of round 2, with all but one of my Monsters standing.


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All photos, gif, and video were taken by me with my iPhone6.

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Noted, never bring a level 1 water pistol to a full contact Splinterlands fight!

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You always crack me up!!!

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I am stuck at this level!!!!
I'm afraid I won't be able to get out!!!

I have FAITH in You Baby !!!

Ahh..... I am out of the level!!!!
It took me a day and a half!!!
New players are very good.
I am no match to them.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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Thanks, @pixresteemer!

Nice battle. It kind of depends on my setup on whether water elemental will be annoying. Sometimes I go for a mixed setup where I spread my attacks thin and that thing just heals up all the damage my sneak does.

I don't have the card but I definitely think it's a great water card.

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Hahaha, I know what you mean!!!
It's a great card!!!

Now that's an interesting battle @silversaver888 with water elements! This is the first I have heard of these....
Congratulations on winning in round two my friend...sounds like a tough battle!😍😍😀

There are 7 elements, which are called Splinters: Fire, Water, Earth, Life, Death, Dragon, and Neutral.
You can choose which Splinter to fight with.
It is interesting, @silvertop🌺🤙!!!!!

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I did not know that @silversaver888, Looks like this game has many levels to battle very interesting! I'll watch for your next battle post my friend!😍😍😀

Okay! I might interest you, hahaha!😀

Hahaha...You never know, maybe sometime in the future my friend!😍😍😀

Warrior Woman! You need a t-shirt with that on it! Take care sis!❤️🤗🌸

Hmmmm... I wonder if they have tees!!!

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