Splinterlands Season Rewards and Game Chat

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Hello everyone, In this video, I collect my season rewards for the Last Season of Splinterlands. Each Season is only 12 to 14 days and we earn these rewards at the end each time. I also talk a lot about the game and how I am doing it. Show you where you can rent a card now to preview the fact that it will be added to the game soon. I hope you have some fun if you watch this as I was just chatting about the game and enjoying getting some free rewards. Splinterlands is growing and entering a new phase this year with spells equipment and land coming into the game. I can't wait to do some videos where I show myself crafting NFTS for the game.

Once again if you watch the video you will have a shot to win 1000 DEC just like @jfang003 the winner from this Post I hope you enjoy the video guys.

If you are not playing yet sign up here
If you buy your spellbook let me know and I will send you some DEC to buy a few cards.

I still need some help trying to get the salty bot in Gala Games if you want to help sign up here

There is a Doctor Who NFT game coming to check it out here each day you log in you get .10 of their token after 30 logins you can buy a pack
I am not a big Dr. Who fan so not sure how big this will be.

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Thank you for the DEC. You still got some decent season rewards like that gold foil Epic and the dragon knight. I also like PeakMonsters to delegate some of cards for some extra rewards. I don't earn much through it though.

I do think you should look into the WAX blockchain if you like crypto gaming. I have been there for around 2 weeks or so and they have a nice thing called RPlanet where you can stake NFTs from games for Aether. This Aether is generated every hour and currently I am around 14 cents a day in terms of current prices.

Thanks, I bought 500k Aether to play around with that. I am on wax but I don't make as many videos about it a lot their games don't have referrals systems so not sure I should use my time when I have so much stuff to make a video about.

Ah ok, I wasn't sure if you knew about it. I mainly play Alien Worlds and Kolobok there. Currently staking NFTs nets me 234.6 Aether per hour so I get around 5.6k Aether per day without doing anything.

Not a bad set of pulls. I was able to pull a gold foil robo knight dragon. Best card I've ever pulled by far!

That gold foil nightmare looks cool


Nice informative video.

Looks like a pretty good haul/rewards! Congrats on the dragon knight!
Looking forward to knowing how your Prince Ryan rental goes!
I think in the AMA they were suggesting that they thought selling Gold Foils for less than $1 was silly but sometimes it's nice to sell and put into something else that you want. @mrtopher

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

To be fair, most seasons are normally 15 days :D This in a short one, because it's a short month. Anyhow, congrats jfang003 :)