Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenge With Giant Squid

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The Giant Squid is a pretty good card. I am sorry the start of the video was not good audio. I ordered a new headset today as it still giving me some issues. I hope you can still see that I did enjoy trying out the card. I only have him at level 6 but still see some good uses. I was able to win pretty easy with him at that level even when I am Diamond 1 right now. I feel like he is a good card to use in the Selena Water team. I also like him in any match that might see more ranged mobs. Blind is a cool new skill that a lot of people don't use. I like it when you watch them miss a lot.

I didn't get a new player to join yet so I am still offering a free code on youtube and uptrend. I am trying to get someone from another site to join us here on Hive/steem and playing this game. I hope that you do the challange if you are playing. It is fun to see all the players trying to win with the same card. We get to see a lot of different ways to use the card. Also if you follow the steps the team will reward you. If you can follow me on my youtube, dtube, 3speak, or uptrend it will help me spread the word about the game.

Great thorough analysis here, I agree that the squid is unlikely to be the star of the show! Certainly in that first battle the ruler and Mermaid triage combo is the winner.

You had the same as me - 'blind' doesn't seem to make a blind bit of difference with this card.

I'm now wondering if there's been a coding error? Honestly I played several battles and I didn't notice any blinding effect from the squid.

Given that blind seems completely ineffective with this card I'd much rather play either:

  • The water elemental for 5 Mana
  • Pirate archer plus the triage mermaid
  • The sniping narwhal as part of a snipe line up.
  • Or even the Goblin Chariot, massive 4 damage when levelled up.

Actually looking at the relative prices of the GCh compared to this card, the later seems undervalued, I'm going to snap a few up!

I do the challenge every week, like you do, my friend! I enjoyed the battles you showed here. Thanks!
Take care 🥰🌺🤙

great video steve and nice battle. Thanks for sharing. Cheers

Thank you for sharing Splinterlands with the world!

I know it seems like an uphill battle (for views), but it'll happen.
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