The Sack of Lyveria Lead to a New Dawn

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The Sack of Lyveria

I thought I could hear the beating of their wings over Federoch’s steady gallop (the old boy was riding harder tonight than he had in years). Turns out it was just the crazed pounding of my heart.

The Dragons were heading straight toward Lyveria as the majestic city slept. The walls would prove futile to these invaders, who would take no prisoners and leave nothing unburned.

As I crested the final hill that overlooked the city, the Lightning Dragons soared over my head. They were causing far less noise than the typical wild ruckus for which Lightning Dragons are known, which brought me to a chilling realization...

The great peace is broken. I was not able to warn the guard in time, and now the Lightning Dragons were careening silently into the walled Kingdom. I loosed a single flaming arrow toward the wall outpost nearest to me, hoping it would rouse the attention of the night watch. By a stroke of luck, the passing of my arrow illuminated one of the Dragons, and the siren began to sound.

One by one, lights appeared throughout Lyveria as I watched from the hillside, but not before I heard the screams. It was too late.

I pick up the story here

Lyanna woke to the siren. She wasn’t sure who was coming but got ready to head out. Call me NOW. The voice rang in her head. She couldn’t stop her hands as they worked and before her, the Spirt of the Forest appeared.

You can’t win this fight today Lyanna, you must get the Prince out of here.

Screams rang out in the night and as the Spirt left to join the battle Lyanna could see at last the enemy that attacked. The dragons had broken the peace. They had come for the Prince that Lyveria dared crown. All this for that boy she wondered. Yes, he was a summoner and she could feel strong magic in him. But why had the king dared to give him a crown? Wilhelm was supposed to be the end of his line the last king of Lyveria. But then this boy showed up with power that earned him a crown.

Lyanna didn’t understand why the Spirit had told her to save that boy. She would not question her at a time like this. She ran for Prince Rennyn’s quarters. Summoner elementals to slow the dragons down. It was all she could do while trying to move. She turned a corner and there lay three dead dragons and Prince Renyn on the floor. She ran to him to check. He was still alive. What had he summoned to do this She looked around and started to see eyes in the trees. The purple gave away the headhunters. She had never been able to summon more than one yet she saw four pairs hiding. Who are you she wondered as she summoned a Flesh Golem to help her carry him?

The screams of the others could still be heard. Yet Lyanna had to head to Western Forest. She was sure that her people would know to go there. She could tell that most of the screams came from summoned monsters but not all of them. She hoped the others would flee, would the Spirit reach out to them? Dragons still rained downlighting and fire all over the town. Buildings burned and smoke had started to fill the air. They will pay for this.

As they made it out of town and near the boats on the river Rennyn started to wake up. The young man wanted to head back to fight but Lyanna convinced him of the message she had received and they headed for the forest. In the boat, she could feel anger in the young man. He didn’t want to talk about what had happened at his home. She was tired and sleep took her before long.

We’re here.

Lyanna awoke to see they had reached the entry to the Forest. Even from this far she could still her home burning. What would her people do now she wondered? They walked deep into the forest until they came upon the others. She was shocked to see so many people already here.
The brownies had come and helped people escape. The dragon had destroyed their home but not that many people had died. She could see how tried Xandar was and that guy was never tried. She could feel some of her power being restored the forest always did that to her. He will build you a new home. The whisper came just as Rennyn Stood up on a toadstool to speak.

They came for me I am sorry. I know that not everyone is glad I wear this crown but you are my people now. The dragons will not go unpunished for the lives they took last night. They might have driven us from our home but we will take it back. We will show them but the power of the Lyverians. They will never catch me off guard again!

Lyanna still looked at him and wondered why. Why the spirit had told him to save him. Then she saw something in the Prince. As he stood there with his bow. He started to glow with a new power she had not felt before. He gave off an aura that swept over them. Like hers it made you feel stronger but this did more. She felt quick She could see a change in the archers also as they shot arrows out of sight. Then the Prince Drew his bow. He aimed towards the sky and left fly a magic shot that flew into the distance. Maybe he was more than she had known. Maybe he can build us a new home. Either way, I want a chance to make those dragons pay.


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Great story mate! Mine is still on the oven, but will probably come out today ;) Good luck!

Thanks tried to do one that could be lore, though it was temping to have a lot of the die.

Wow this is amazing! The way you used so many splinterlands monsters and wove a story around them was splendid! I liked the story.

Stephen! :) Thanks for playing!

I really enjoy how you intricately tied in several different characters from existing lore; I love to see that! I found myself feeling for the displaced people of Lyveria and hoping that they work together to save the city.

You have great instincts and a good knack for creating imagery!

If I may be so bold as to offer a critical eye, I wish you would polish up your story in terms of writing conventions (punctuation, dialogue, etc). It read a bit like a draft, and I know you've got the skills!

Another thing I would have liked to see is more of a glimpse into the character telling the story, rather than focusing entirely on the characters we already know!

Great job!
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