Introducing Myself - Who is Supreme Magus?

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Hello everyone,

I am a brazilian guy, 36 years old and passionate about video games and card games also a crypto enthusiast.

So let me tell you my history...

Since my childhoood I've spent most of my free time playing video games, my first console was an Atari 2600 with only one game cartridge, Enduro.

It was a gift from my grandmother and I still have the console, the cartridge, box, only the instructions manual was lost.

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-03 at 18.40.48.jpeg

And I also still have!


I'm from a time when we only had one television so sometimes it was necessary to wait my grandparents stop watching, then I could play while listening things like "this video game will damage the television" , " dont sit so close to the tv", but it was an amazing time!

Sometimes my grandparents played with me, I remember my grandparent being angry for not being abble to shoot me in the game Outlaw.


After the Atari 2600 another gift few years later and again from my grandmother, my second console was a Mega Drive III also kwon as Sega Genesis in North America, this time the console came with another classic game, Sonic the Hedgehog 2. I played so many games and I've amazing memories like my notebook with all my notes, for instance: passwords, special movements, cheat codes and a list of all games that I've played and like with the Atari I still have the console, cartridge and box as we can see in the photo below.


This incredible experience with my Mega Drive turn it in my favorite console! At that time a dream was also born, the dream of being a video game collector. At that time it was just a dream, as our financial condition did not allow it.

Then later in October 1998 , a friend of mine introduced me to the first card game, Magic the Gathering, it was love at first sight! I started playing, collecting and trading, some years later I've even organized some tournaments.

I started buying cards and never stopped, I believe that today I accumulate about 300k cards, some complete sets, some of the rarest cards. And from that moment on, card games became my favorite game type for being games that require a lot of thinking and because we never play the same game twice, thanks to the countless strategies we can create.

And then many years after that video game era while searching for some ways to earn money online I "discovered" the Bitcoin, it was in 2013. From that discovery until today I've some nice experiences with cryptos, from being a small trader to some great oportunities.

But unfortunately I had a big loss last year, I lost almost all my money in a exit scam, I went through very difficult and hard months, I didn't know what to do. However this sad part is not necessary, after all we cannot give up in the face of difficulties! :)

And as passionate about games I started searching for a new way to earn money working from home, and why not while playing? Then during my searchs, what an amazing surprise (again because I didn't even remember anymore
that In 2015 I've tried Spells of Genesis), blockchain games!!

So I installed Gods Unchained, well... its a nice game, a combination of Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone (that I also played and even started a channel on YouTube) but when I tried to forge some cards and It was not possible (due to high transacion fees on ETH) I got disappointed and started searching again.

And finally I found a card game in which is possible to earn cryptos while playing, this game is SPLINTERLANDS. And what do I have to say about this game? It's amazing! Not only because it allows you to have cards that are also digital assets but mainly for its incredible community that is extremely friendly, receptive and supportive!


Let' play together! Click on the link below!


That was such a cool and touching introduction. Welcome to Splinterlands. While posting about the game you can earn the Splintertalk token (check out but it works also via Peakd or Apparently you know what you are doing because you even used the #spt tag for your post. Here is a large upvote, to get you started with both SPT and the game.

Wowww!!! Thank you so much @monster-curator!!! ♥ Thanks for you advice, I posted using! I saw someone saying "just use the tag #spt in to receive some tokens" so this is what I'm doing! ;)

Hey @suprememagus, this is cool... I remember all those games... Its great that you kept it all, you will one day look back on it with even more nostalgia... I wish I had kept all my games from a long long time ago, so I'm a bit jealous :P ... Its nice to meet you and its great to work with you in this game. I think you are going to be a long term player of this game and a great ambassador for the game too! Ohhh, and I'm super honored to have you be a member of Team Possible :)

Hey @daveccoy, thank you so much for your support! People like you are the ones who make the difference in the game community! Well, I think having a collection is something that make us more organized and always with some goals in mind! Here I still listening that is just a lot of waste, but I really don't care. I'm just making my dream come true! I've more than 600 cartridges and some consoles, not a huge variety but it's nice! For sure I'm gonna be a long term player, investor and ambassador, since I'm trying to talk frenquetily about Splinterlands with my friends. And about being honored, you know the honor is mine! :)

Welcome to Splinterlands! ~@clove71

Thank you @steemmonsters! It's a pleasure being part of Splinterland's Community! ♥

Bem vindo ao blockchain do Hive! Mando um salve aqui de São Paulo/SP. Lembrei que o primeiro videogame que joguei foi um telejogo Philco, depois meu primo comprou um Odissey (acho que era Phillips), no final ganhei um Atari tb. Meu último console foi o Nintento 64. Uma dica, se for publicar posts em português, o pessoal dos projetos @camoes e @lusofonia, inativos atualmente, recomendou a adoção da tag #pt que desde então alguns poucos que postam na nossa língua ainda utilizam. Para posts de apresentação a tag #introduceyourself geralmente dava mais visibilidade. Valeu! Saúde, sucesso e boa sorte mais uma vez!!

Olá Wagner, muito obrigado! Também sou de SP porém do interior. O meu primeiro foi o Atari, jogava na casa de um amigo e depois ganhei o meu, atualmente eu tenho 2 Tele Jogos aqui, ambos na caixa. Sim, o Odissey é Philips, esse ainda não tenho na coleção e nem tive a oportunidade de jogar. Eu pretendo postar em português também, então quando fizer os posts certamente usarei a #pt, agradeço pelas dicas. Muito obrigado, tudo de melhor para você também!!

Muy buen post amigo !! bienvenido eres gamer ? excelente oye te invito a una comunidad donde puedes compartir contenido gamer sean re-view o tu opinion sobre algun juego !! partipa en los giveaway vamooos !! Discord o Hive sigue asi broth

Gracias @diego1306, ¡Sí, me considero un gamer desde pequeño! Me uní al canal de discordia, gracias por la invitación!

Looks like you received some great support on your first post! Monster-curator spends a lot of time going through spt posts and voting for good content. I also have an old atari 2600! I think sky diver is my favorite game on that system.

Hey @foggybottom! Glad to see you here! :) Yes, I got some great upvotes! It's like I keep repeating, what an amazing community! ♥ That's I nice, your Atari stills working? Believe it or not I've never played Sky Diver, my favorite Atari game is H.E.R.O.

Welcome to Hive and Splinterlands, @suprememagus!! It's great to have you around!

Hey @simplymike! Thank you so much for all your support! ♥ It's great to find people like you while playing a new game! :)

Very cool, @suprememagus, welcome. I'm also Brazilian, I'm 24 years old and I didn't get this season from Atari. I never liked to play video games or computer games, I played badly and so I always asked my friends to play something else. At school I started playing chess and I fell in love, my uncle is a chess teacher who introduced me to Splinterlands and it is the only game besides chess that I have ever played, but now I love these cards and I will want to collect them forever. I hope to see you soon on the battlefield.

Thank you @marianaemilia! I think you should play some old video games, I really believe that you'll have an amazing experience, specially if you can try consoles from different generations and have the opportunity to see/feel their evolution. Well, talking about "I played badly" sounds funny when we look at your results in Splinterlands Tournaments, I appreciate your skills indeed! What a nice introduction, from chess to card games! I'm suspicious to talk about card games since they my favorite ones! I hope to be abble to see you soon to (I know it requires a lot of effort and investment, but...).

Great intro dude! Welcome to hive and enjoy your stay here!

Thank you dude! :) I hope to stay here for a long time!

Congratulations @suprememagus!
You raised your level and are now a Minnow!

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