SplinterCards - Update 0.2

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Hello community, a Splintercards update is out!


I have just released a small update of my free project with which I want to contribute to the growth of this fantastic game.

What's new?


  • New: search cards by name
  • New: grid view mode
  • New: low card price and low bcx price
  • New: number of prints for every card (not realtime updated)
  • Cards order is now splinter first, then rarity
  • New: switch between name list and icons list
  • Some info added
  • Added info in loot chests content
  • New page, at the moment with basic info

And now, if anyone wants to contribute, there is missing information about Abilities that I would like to include, here are some questions:

  1. AFFLICTION: what are the chances of applying this ability?
    -. Does affliction work with opposing immunity?
  2. BLAST: how is the additional damage calculated?
  3. HALVING: the description of this ability says "Each time this Monster hits a target...". Do you confirm that it only works once per enemy?
  4. HEAL, TANK HEAL and TRIAGE: it's correct that restores 1/3 of the max health, rounded up?
  5. LIFE LEACH: how is the increase calculated?
  6. POISON: what are the chances of applying this ability?
  7. RESTORE: how many armor points are restored?
  8. RETAILATE: what are the chances of applying this ability?
  9. STUN: what are the chances of applying this ability
  10. REDEMPTION: is the damage inflicted of the same type (ranged, magic) of the card?

If you have noticed other errors or things to correct, you can also communicate them to me via private message.

Disclaimer: SPLINTERCARDS is a work in progress Beta. I apologize for any errors or malfunctions.

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Amazing! Thank you!!!

great work!

Can i help you? Would be nice translate all this things to PT-BR, for Brazilians Players like me enjoy your content.

Could be a good idea!
I hadn't considered doing translations as well, but for some information it shouldn't be too complicated to add them
For example the translation of skills and other information that has been added.
I am writing to you in private

That's ok, any other thing i could help just call me, i will start brazilians contest to encourage my steemit friends to play, cause i'm one of the bigger brazilians players and i have just 73,240 of power, that lock me in Silver 1.

Very cool. Great job with the project!

Thanks, I will try to update it every week

I'm sure that @jacekw will help with your questions about abilities, he is the most acknowledge source for them in Splinterlands

I hope so 🙂, he already gave me good suggestions last week

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