From scratch to GFL #45 + 500 DEC Giveaway

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Welcome to my "From Scratch to GFL" Series episode number 45.

This is a series that I started as a journey to see how long it will take me to get from scratch to a Gold foil legendary card in Splinterlands
I have allowed myself two level 2 summoners that I delegated from my main account.
At the moment the cheapest GFL is the Bila The Radiant card at $54.29

I Cannot . . .
Buy packs
Join a guild
Go under 60% ERC

I will be using for most of my purchaces, since they give sweet 3% cashback !


To compensate for my inactivity I am giving away 500 Dec in this post.
All you need to do to enter is leave a comment and be a human (so bots can't win)

Season Rewards

Could be worse

Let's begin with the episode

Our quest for today is

Fire Splinter



Quest Rewards



  • 15,000 Collection Power
  • Contessa L'ament (To lvl 2)
  • Wizard of Eastwood (To lvl 2)


Previous TrophiesPrevious DECPrevious Cards ValuePrevious Collection Power
Current TrophiesCurrent DECCurrent Cards ValueCurrent Collection Power

Games PlayedWinsLosses

Thank you for reading and feel free to ask me if I left anything out.


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give me the DEC :D

Nice that you continue despite the cut in rewards. I found that my low level account was not worth it anymore.

Yeah, it feels like progress is hard to come when getting just potions, and even less now when we cant use potions for Quest Rewards.

But I guess I just like to see even with such a small investment how good of a return this can actually be.

Likewise, I'm a low level account that is struggling to survive. Wish both of us luck!

Nice going. Thanks for sharing.

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Here's the comment and I am a human.

have fun - that's gotta be rough with just level 2's - hats off to you

i would def be swearing a whole lot LOL

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I'm on the grind too right now, i'm a low level account, and it's rough out there! potions for rewards, but I recently found out that you can buy pack with google rewards money through the app, That will speed things up!

I did not know about the cashback, thanks!

I'm impressed to see you're still keeping this up 👍


kui papp koos siis müüd kaardid maha ja ostad gfli?