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RE: Splinterlands - Playerbase marketing level 0

in Splinterlands5 months ago

Not to toot my own horn, but I am a pretty radical gamer and I like Splinterlands

The deep truth is that I like Splinterlands because its a pretty cool money making system

But still Im a gamer and money attracts my attention :D


I like it a lot for the gameplay. I think it's very fun.

For me to like Splinterlands for the gameplay it should at least have different gamemodes.

For a while I have been suggesting in discord 2 v 2 battling ideas
or "Gungame" gamemode idea (Each player chooses 5 cards in a team, but only 1 card at a time is on the field)

I just would like some variety in what we can do, just doing the same battles over and over has ruined the fun of the game for me.

My stats say that ONLY on my main account already I have done over 12561 battles and I have 3 alt accounts aswell.