Golden Opportunity (aka... Mistakes were Made)


I Have An Idea


Hello all. I saw a golden opportunity and I took it.

I own ZERO Gold Alphas. So normally I ignore the gold alpha tournaments.

Then I saw this...


$4000 up for grabs and only 14 people entered. The tournament starts tomorrow. So I took a chance. I rented enough cards to boost my collection power. I only did a 24 hour rental on all the cards. I plan on losing all my matches so I don't care if they are returned to sender after I gain entry.

It cost me 5,000 DEC. Which at time of transaction is $29 USD.

There are currently only 14 players in the tournament.

Me jumping in will make it 15 and there are at least 12 hours before the tournament starts.


So now all I need is the SPS. No problem. I will get that SPS tomorrow at 11:30 AM CST.


That is well after the tournament starts at 2 in the morning. Almost 10 hours before I get my drop.

So now I gotta scramble... 30 minutes and lot's of low volume trades later I have the SPS. Didn't spend any money other than the fees cause I was selling from other accounts and transferring over.

Okay, I have my SPS and I have my Collection Power let's enter the tournament.



Here is what I got.


Guess I need to rent 3 more whack ass monsters.


Okay... I am ready for the tournament. Let's do this. Time to wait until tomorrow. I hope I didn't miscalculate.

2 hours of my time and a bunch of transactions later I am ready to break even.

But wait, what if I didn't have to do all this bullshit? What if I owned all these cards?

Why are we calling these tournaments? They should be called "Kickstarter Airdrops"

Why are we calling these tournaments? They should be called "Aggy's Aggies"

Why are we calling these tournaments? They should be called "Easy Gains"

Why are we calling these tournaments? They should be called "Sexy Flexy Time"

Why are we calling these tournaments? They should be called "Whale Games"

Why are we calling these tournaments? They should be called "Golden Showers"

In my opinion the Alpha Lords Gold Foil Tournament and many like them are not healthy for the community.

They are not good for the long term success of Splinterlands.

We should try to move away from rewarding the early adopters and whales. They have enough. Let's focus on long term sustainability. Let's start with the tournaments.


Looks like I'll at least break even. Only 24 people entered the tournament.

All snide comments aside. This tournament feels like a payout to people who have been here from the beginning. I wouldn't have a problem with it if it were a once a year bonanza. If left unchecked these kinds of payouts are the foundation for a pyramid scheme.



I don’t disagree about your assessment of the Alpha Gold tournaments but how is that different from whales wreaking havoc in a bronze tournament? The novice tournaments are a crap shoot because of the high rate of no-shows and the somewhat random nature of Novice league.

What about structuring tournaments around rating? Or maybe tournaments with upper caps on card power or rating? Would either of those, along with a restructure of the season leader rewards, help to encourage talent to move up to its appropriate level?

No aggression meant here just random thoughts only partially hatched. But you started the juices flowing.


Well, I am an owner of a pretty competitive Alpha gold foil collection and I think it makes zero sense that there are these special tournaments. They could hand the money to us directly, would be easier for everyone. LOL

But seriously, I wouldn't miss them.