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Today's Big News

I am eagerly awaiting the AMA to explain today's BIG News about the SPS Whitepaper and governance token. Honestly I don't yet fully understand.

This hopefully will have a positive impact on the new boost program but at this point it's too early to tell.

I do know that there will be the ability to 'stake' players to earn SPS. That sounds like a great way to build mentor mentee relationships. Could be a big win for NewBoost.

I imagine that a lot of new opportunities will arise in the next few months. Hopefully we can boost some noobs in the process. Without them Splinterlands won't MOON. :)


So I went on fivrr and paid someone $40 for some artwork. I think they did a fantastic job but I didn't give good detailed requirements so I was unable to do what I originally planned for the NFT.

ANYWAY... Here is a preview of the NFT that I'll be releasing for people who contributed to NewBoost V4.


I'll start minting a version of this sometime after the next NewBoost Event.

We Need Some Noobs

Please start submitting players for the upcoming boost now. I'll take a look at their collection and see if they are worthy of a boost. If you need a boost just comment below with your ingame username and I'll take a look and see if we can help you out.

Here's a breakdown of the last NewBoost Event.

Here are the Good People

All of you folks will be getting a version of the NFT that I previewed above because you contributed to NewBoost v4.

@homesteadhacker | ypbr2.wam
@sayee | bgtqw.wam
@toocurious | 3rfaw.wam
@dandelionfluff | rueo4.wam
@warrentrx | xciaw.wam
@thegcc | s52qy.wam
@crescendoluke | lo5ti.wam
@funferall | bsdb2.wam
@theconaman | m1ab2.wam
@giemo | fmjb2.wam
@monstermother | a31r.wam
@gigas | zgerk.wam
@bitius | i5qau.wam
@warrentrx | xciaw.wam
@unitqm | wfbaw.wam

If you want to contribute again please send your contributions to @newboost.

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im also excited about the new token, but i still dont understand how it will work..

about the nft, you should talk to @panachao he is newb in splinter, but he can make some cool arts. he joined hive a few days ago.

his art for last contest :

That's a cool artwork. Will it be colored?

I did colorize it and unfortunately I should have paid for the artist to do the coloring.

I thought I would be able to do something cool with the colors but it's a lot harder than I thought it would be.

I thought it would be like the coloring book apps that my daughter has but the artist didn't draw it that way. There are tons of areas where the black lines don't connect so I couldn't use the 'fill' or 'paint bucket' to colorize.

That's a cool artwork. Will it be colored?

Can u look at my collection and see if i can grab a boost haha