Making Monster Pages in the Splinterlands Wiki



Update on Wiki Progress

We're making great progress working on the wiki. I had a false start when I started making a wiki from scratch. is still live but eventually I will redirect that domain to our new Fandom Wiki at We've got @blackheart1 and @godfather.ftw already hard at work building pages and more. We've got some other big announcements coming soon. I'll give you a hit... REWARDS. New Discord Server and News coming soon.

Ready to Start Building Pages?

If you want to help out our project you can. We're always looking for editors. But we don't want people building pages all crazy. We've created some templates to help you get started. We're really needing to flush out the monsters collection.

Work In Progress

Everyday there is more and more changing in this space. It keeps us on our toes. If you ever have any questions you can always reach out to me directly. Thanks for reading. :)

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