NewBoost Follow Up: Prizes Won & Lessons Learned


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Shout Outs

Thank you, thank you and thank you to the following "Boosters." We gave away more than 55,000 DEC in prizes.


You are eligible to receive the Booster NFT that I will be minting soon. We will give those NFTs out at the next NewBoost event in April.

Did you miss the Event?

Watch me lose my mind as the "Wheel of Names" cheats for one lucky player.

Look at All these Winners

Like I said we gave away tons of prizes...

@pnixtech - 17 Card Prize Pack
@qcstarlord25 - 7 Card Prize Pack + Bila the Radiant
@m3ss - 7 Card Prize Pack + Golden Battering Ram
@sn0wy3003 - 7 Card Prize Pack + Common Totem
@giemo - 7 Card Prize Pack
@ayaanshah10 - 7 Card Prize Pack
@godz - 7 Card Prize Pack
@ionize-salt - 7 Card Prize Pack
@holyschnitzl - 7 Card Prize Pack
@mrtopher - 7 Card Prize Pack
@honeymushybaby - 7 Card Prize Pack
@funferall - 7 Card Prize Pack
@doja - 7 Card Prize Pack

And Boosters from NewBoost V1 got this NFT starting with @sayee getting Mint #1.

  1. @sayee
  2. @davemccoy
  3. @warrentrx - SENT
  4. @unitqm
  5. @fighter4-freedom
  6. @toocurious
  7. @monstermother - SENT
  8. @mattclarke
  9. @clove

I NEED ALL OF YOUR WAX ADDRESSES! Please send them to me in the comments below or I will find you on discord.

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Lessons Learned

  1. We will have a collection power cap for all players being boosted. At the time of prize giveaway the players being boosted must be below a certain threshold. I will make a community poll to determine that number.
  2. We will only boost a maximum of 15 players each event.
  3. In order to receive a NFT for contributing to the prize pool you must contribute more than 100 DEC worth of prizes.
  4. Packs, Plots, Totems, Cards, DEC and other prizes will be paid out using only funds in the @newboost account. (I spent too much of my own DEC in the giveaway frenzy. I did pay myself back 4000 DEC for the two packs I purchased but didn't pay myself back for the Totem or Orb.)
  5. We will have a Community Poll to determine the time at which the next NewBoost Livestream Event will take place.
  6. Giving away card prize packs (aka a collection of good cards for bronze players) is a much better Boost than just giving away DEC.
  7. There is no longer a 'BIG' Winner among the newb players. All players who are being boosted will receive the same prize. HOWEVER we will be giving away several "BIG" prizes to those who attend the Livestream.
  8. Next event we will boost on one day and have the livestream and giveaway the following day.
  9. I must have a valid Splinterlands username in my documentation at the time the giveaway starts. Chasing people down to give them free stuff is a hassle.
  10. I will create a signup post for the next round of newbs to boost 2 weeks before the next event.
  11. Never using the "Wheel of Names" again.

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

Let me know what you think would make this event even better.

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oh there is name glory for donating hehe well upvoted thanks for rocking!


Awsome event. Looking forward to the next. And thanks for helping the new players out