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User @rentau Congratulations. You just won 10,000 DEC, 3 Untamed Boosters and some random cards. Please reach out to me to confirm your username and get your prize.

@rentau - DEC SENT

Everyone else. Congratulations you all won 873 DEC. Please reach out to me to confirm your username and get your prize. If you don't claim your prize in 1 week I will reach out to the boosters to see what they want to do with the DEC.

@x1ke - DEC SENT
@chchannel003 - DEC SENT
@YouLoseAgain - DEC SENT
@mejiasclaudia - DEC SENT
@snaasi - DEC SENT
@nmount911 - DEC SENT
@elclements - DEC SENT
@godfather.ftw - DEC SENT
@bhattg - DEC SENT
@shrazi - DEC SENT
@carlosro - DEC SENT


Not sure when the next boost will be but I can tell you this... There will be one. :)


What are we Doing?

Today, February 5th, all across the Splinterlands community players are playing the game we all love for 1 hour. We are going to take all of that sweet sweet DEC and pool it together and give it away just like that. Why? Cause we all need a little helping hand sometimes. Trying new things is tough and getting Started in Splinterlands is harder when you can't afford to upgrade.

Livestream and Backup Plan

At 8:30 Central Standard Time I will start livestreaming. It's okay if you can't make the livestream. You can send me your DEC (@unitqm) ahead of time or to the player that wins after the fact. In the livestream I will be selecting the winners of the boost and getting feedback from the community. If you miss the stream check back on this post tomorrow. You can see who wins your payout.

You can watch the Livestream Here

I'll do a few other prizes in the livestream. Maybe a plot of land and a totem? Does that sound good?

Who is going to win?

One of these lucky winners will be walking away with at least 10,000 DEC. Will it be more? Probably. Will more than one player win? Likely.


Who is going to Boost?

We already have a long list of people who are getting in on the action. Here are the contributions that I can confirm that I am already holding to be given out to the lucky winner.

@unitqm - 11,524 DEC, 1 Land Plot, 1 Common Totem, 1 Booster
@toocurious - 1000 DEC
@clove - 5000 DEC
@fighter4-freedom 3 Untamed Packs
@monstermother - 980.886 DEC
@davemccoy - 262 DEC
@warrentrx - 1,295 DEC
@mattclarke - 794 DEC
@sayee -500 DEC

Next Phase

We'll be looking for feedback and a fresh new set of players to boost in 2 weeks. This is a work in progress and we are open to all ideas. I'll be putting out a poll following our first #NewBoost to get insights. If you're a new player and want to be in the next pool jump in the comments or say high over in the official Splinterlands #general discord Channel and be sure to mention me (@unitqm).

More Details

You can read my older post here...

Or check out @SimplyMike post here...


Great job, great initiative.
Let's hope we can get some more eyes on this project and will be able to grow the prize pool.

Gonna watch the replay. Hope you're as funny as usual 😉😉

Maybe a little idea: leave out the 10k next time.
I'm pretty sure real newbies are more than happy with about 900 DEC.
10k is a lot - if someone is really new, I doubt he can put it to good use.

yea true and I hope they just dont sell the lot. I have had a bad exp there after gifting cards

Hey there..😀 yeah I would love to be part of this 😉 still quite a new playerr atm.

Peace, Graham.

We'll add you to the pool if you look like an active newb. :) What's your splinterlands username?

My username is elricmoonslayer. Cheers man. 😉

Send 500 DEC to you, Unit. Hope it helps. I was helped as a new player by so many and this is such a great step towards bringing in more new players.

Thanks a lot for the reward my user name is same as here @bhattg 😀🙏

Rewards are locked in.

10K 3 Boosters and these cards to the Big winner @rentau

873 DEC for all other new players

congratz to @rentau

I'll contribute 3 untamed packs.

such help, much rewards, very assist

thank you for the pack tonight!

295+1k sent to "unitqm". I will look forward to the replay of the stream!!! Keep the great ideas coming!!!

873 DEC!!!
i have received the noob boost, im less noob now
ty for your help!!

Much love to you man. Really helps out the little ones to progress!

Wow @unitqm Thanks,
My username is shrazi

Thanks again

@bhattg I think you also need to confirm your game name to collect your dec

Congratulations and thanks sir for informing me

Hi, I’m @kidsisters. I am new here.

We'll add you to the next round in a few weeks.

Thank you

Thanks, dec well received :)

great for noobs upvoted

thanks for the gift package, it was very interesting live

Thanks a lot!

Thanks to all the people doing this

This is unbelievable. No precedent for such a community supporting new players.